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joe mieczkowski
Fairfield, PA, USA
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Jail Wall
Posted on: 2/19/2017 7:17:46 PM
Friends of mine who have been in the Gettysburg area told me they remember the "jail wall" A 16 ft fence at the town jail on High Street. Does anyone have any information when it was taken down?

"The Adams County Prison

As part of a deal to establish Gettysburg as county seat in 1800, James Getty's donated this lot for a county prison. This two-story "bastille-like" building with its 16-foor stone wall enclosing the prison yard was erected in 1851 to replace the first prison facility.

On July 2nd Confederate General Robert E. Lee held a council of war in the building, perhaps to plan the attack held later that evening on Cemetery Hill.

Following the Battle, the jail was utilized by the Union Army provost marshal to retain soldiers and civilians charged with violating martial law.

In late 1889 the County enlarged the front of the building to three stories and continued its use until 1948. The Adams County Public Library followed as tenants for the next 40 years. In 1991 the Borough of Gettysburg acquired the property and rehabilitated the structure for its new municipal building."

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New York City, NY, USA
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Re: Jail Wall
Posted on: 4/9/2017 12:58:05 PM
This doesn't answer the question and you have probably seen this in the meantime, but since no one else has responded:
[Read More]
It tells of a daring (and successful) daylight escape over the wall in 1910, and the possibility that some of it may still exist.
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massapequa, NY, USA
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Re: Jail Wall
Posted on: 4/10/2017 4:53:03 AM
I saw that article on Gettysburg daily as well...very interesting

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  - - (1863) Battle of Gettysburg - Non-Battle related discussions    
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