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Dave G
Halifax, NS, Canada
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Alltrails app
Posted on: 3/16/2017 11:49:39 AM
Possibly the wrong forum, but I am trying out the app from the Alltrails website. You can research trails, post a trace on a map, or upload a gpx file by recording a trail with your smartphone or tablet. I believe that the app will record the trail, and create the gpx file which you upload when it's convenient.[Read More]

I found both the website and app bit hard to work with. The app generally seems to want to show trails near your location and it's not easy to convince it that your looking in a different geographic area.

On checking the site, I found there are some battle trails posted but many others are not, or are incomplete.

The Battle of Camden, SC, is very well done. The trail maps are complete on both sides of Flat Rock Road. I wish I had seen this before I visited the place. [Read More]
The Musgrove Mill, SC map shows the trail north of the Enoree River, but not south of it. [Read More]
The Parker's Crossroads trail map south of the I-40 is posted, but not the trail north of I-40. It does not show up at all in the Android app. [Read More]
Some trails are shown on the trail map, but not listed or labeled, eg the loop trail at Malvern Hill, Virginia.
The loop trail for the Battle of Mill Springs (Zollicoffer Park, Nancy, Kentucky) was not shown at all, so I traced the route and posted it. It might not be approved for a few days.

I'm just interested to see anyone else is using this or any app, or using their smartphones to map out trails.
Dave G

  - - (1863) Battle of Gettysburg - Map Study - Discussion and Feedback    
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