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  - - (1863) Battle of Gettysburg - Map Study - Discussion and Feedback
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animated map of the second day at Gettysburg - now complete to 8pm
Posted on: 10/19/2017 7:03:06 PM
I'm still plugging away on my animated map of the three days of Gettysburg. Day one is complete as version one, and day two is now available in a test version with action complete up to 8pm. The map shows a timer, with rectangles representing CSA and USA brigades moving across the map showing where they went and when as the battle progressed.

The day one and day two maps are available here:

A three-minute YouTube video that demonstrates the features of the animation is available here:

My intent is to provide an accurate display of unit movement and timings. If you see mistakes or omissions please let me know. All of my research relies on the work of others. My principal information source for the day two map is James Woods' book 'Gettysburg, July 2 The Ebb and Flow of Battle' but I've also found all these to be useful:

Philip Laino; Gettysburg Campaign Atlas
Bradley M. Gottfried; The Maps of Gettysburg - The Second Day
Bradley M. Gottfried; Brigades of Gettysburg
the Batchelder map
Smithsonian Institution’s online map:

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