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Historical Simulations
by Pete Martinson

From the beginning, military professionals have calculated their chances of success in future war by evaluating the available statistics on past wars. From Sun Tzu and Machiavelli to Jomini and Clauswitz, men have tried to capture the essence of war and provide formulas, principles and theories on how it can be waged successfully. Generally, this has been done by reading about or participating in historical battles, analyzing them in one form or another and then extrapolating the results to future war. Some observers, like Jomini, were more concerned with identifying unchanging principles and patterns while others, like Clausewitz, were more interested in the philosophical aspects of war.
Wargaming: A Unique Way to Experience Military History
by Brian King

For students of military history, wargaming is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to understanding the events and conflicts of recorded history. Reading about a battle is one thing, but vicariously commanding an army in that battle adds a whole new dimension of understanding. Wargaming allows you to relive military history very nearly as a first hand experience rather than a dry summation of an event. It gives you the freedom to try to change history by avoiding the mistakes of past leaders – sometimes letting you make larger mistakes! Wargaming lets you explore every nook and cranny of possibilities in a reconstructed virtual world, and gives you access to one of the most important questions in history; “What if?” What if we change this one little event…what would be the new outcome of the skirmish, battle, war?

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