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(1939-1945) WWII Battles
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WW2: day-to-day (Page: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7 ) Last Post
brian grafton2742732Today at 3:35 PM
by brian grafton
The MONAB Scheme of WW2 Last Post
anemone136412/12/2017 6:39 AM
by George
Dec 7, 1941 related question Last Post
John R. Price168512/10/2017 6:58 AM
by OpanaPointer
PoW Camps in Ontario Last Post
Dave G158611/25/2017 7:01 AM
by George
Nazi Influence in Latin America Last Post
gustavorojaspinilla522011/22/2017 11:15 PM
by Brian Williams
The costly battle for Peleliu Island held by Japan in WWII. Last Post
Michigan Dave64111/21/2017 2:40 PM
by OpanaPointer
November 20, 1943 Last Post
BWilson86011/21/2017 1:55 PM
by John R. Price
The Japanese plans to cut off Australia from America in WWII!? (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
Michigan Dave4424111/16/2017 6:35 AM
by OpanaPointer
1st US-Canadian Special Sevice Forces of WWII; the Black Devils! Last Post
Michigan Dave43611/15/2017 4:36 PM
by George
Japanese use Bicycles to help win the Battle for Singapore!? Last Post
Michigan Dave148311/15/2017 2:45 PM
by Michigan Dave
No.100 (Bomber Support Group) RAF in WW2 Last Post
anemone64311/12/2017 4:45 AM
by anemone
Operation Berlin--Apr/May 1945 Last Post
anemone2816511/12/2017 4:22 AM
by anemone
Operation Berlin--Apr/May 1945 Last Post
anemone21211/9/2017 12:09 PM
by BWilson
Operation Berlin--Apr/May 1945 Last Post
anemone0411/9/2017 5:13 AM
by anemone
Battle of El Alamein -23 Oct.--7 Nov. 1942-Questioned (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
anemone4026610/30/2017 5:44 PM
by Phil andrade
Great Britain and her Commonwealth in WW2 from 1939-43 (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
anemone5735510/19/2017 11:53 AM
by Phil andrade
Battle of El Agheila--11--18 Dec. 1942 Last Post
anemone11610/4/2017 2:45 PM
by anemone
RAF Operation Hydra--17/18 August 1943 Last Post
anemone12210/1/2017 4:03 AM
by anemone
History of British 50th Division in Normandy Last Post
BWilson9869/24/2017 2:47 PM
by BWilson
The Oster Plot Last Post
John R. Price3419/23/2017 8:41 PM
by scoucer
Glogau 1945 Last Post
BWilson3189/19/2017 4:11 PM
by John R. Price
A Bridge too Far Last Post
Christ Liebegott4469/17/2017 5:40 PM
by Christ Liebegott
Almost 74 years later, Donald Underwood is coming home from the war Last Post
BWilson1159/15/2017 5:19 PM
by kaii
French casualties in the Phoney War Last Post
BWilson1219/14/2017 4:33 AM
by Phil andrade
B24 v B17 in WW2 ETO Last Post
anemone7539/12/2017 9:15 AM
by Michigan Dave
"Hitler Boy" Last Post
BWilson0409/11/2017 4:54 AM
by BWilson
Chronology of the 1940 campaign (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
BWilson544089/2/2017 10:20 PM
by John R. Price
3 Group RAF Bomber Command-the Daylight Boys Last Post
anemone12868/27/2017 9:00 AM
by Michigan Dave
Why the Luftwaffe failed! Last Post
Michigan Dave191988/22/2017 4:47 PM
by jahenders
Ardennes Offensive book Last Post
BWilson068/22/2017 12:21 PM
by BWilson
The Ghost Army Last Post
BWilson3318/22/2017 10:47 AM
by George
The Dieppe Raid--19 Aug.1942-A Day of Infamy Last Post
anemone342038/21/2017 1:44 AM
by BWilson
Turning the M4 Sherman Tank into a Killer Last Post
anemone341438/17/2017 4:55 PM
by richto90
German-Soviet Non-agression Pact!? Last Post
Michigan Dave111568/4/2017 9:52 AM
by Michigan Dave
Map depicting garrisons of Vichy French units in France Last Post
BWilson161067/31/2017 2:09 PM
by scoucer
43rd Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Last Post
Bart0127/25/2017 6:57 PM
by Bart
Compiegne then and now Last Post
BWilson0137/25/2017 2:00 PM
by BWilson
Photos from the 1940 campaigns Last Post
BWilson1247/25/2017 6:16 AM
by George
Allied POWs in the 1940 campaign Last Post
BWilson6367/25/2017 2:42 AM
by BWilson
How would you have escaped from the Battle of Dunkirk, if you had to? Last Post
kl70181327/23/2017 2:59 AM
by BWilson
(1939-1945) WWII Battles
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