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American Civil War Politics (Unmoderated)
ThreadAuthorRepliesViewsLast Post
Abraham Lincoln was a Life Long Abolitionist- Responding to PC History Last Post
1stvermont191422/11/2018 3:09 PM
by OpanaPointer
Blacks Originally Helped Create Stonewall Jackson Monuments  Last Post
1stvermont323382/11/2018 2:00 PM
by scoucer
The legality of Secession in Antebellum America (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
1stvermont785561/13/2018 12:16 PM
by jthlmnn
Did Lincoln save the Constitution? Responding to the PC Version of History  Last Post
1stvermont57011/23/2017 7:42 PM
by 1stvermont
Allen Pinkerton helps foil a assassination attempt on Lincoln 1861 ! Last Post
Michigan Dave11311/21/2017 9:19 AM
by Michigan Dave
Look Away!!! Politically Incorrect Thread on Slavery (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
1stvermont534009/21/2017 2:44 PM
by 1stvermont
Dems unvail bill to band Confederate monuments on all federal property (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
littlepowell595009/18/2017 7:00 PM
by 1stvermont
Nash Farm Battlefield, Henry County, Georgia, CLOSED Last Post
Gregory C. White8635/24/2017 8:40 PM
by John Gross
Confederate 'war' memorials coming down in New Orleans (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
SJ423685/23/2017 3:01 PM
by George
The tariff of 1842 Last Post
john hayward12715/8/2017 1:33 PM
by John R. Price
American Civil War Politics (Unmoderated)
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