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(1800-1860) Pre-American Civil War Battles
ThreadAuthorRepliesViewsLast Post
Peterloo 16 August 1819 Last Post
SJ6648/17/2016 4:53 PM
by SJ
Battle of Inkermann-5th November 1854 Last Post
anemone11815/25/2016 12:30 PM
by anemone
St Clair's Defeat/Battle of the Wabash--4 Nov. 1791 Last Post
anemone2182/26/2016 7:09 AM
by anemone
Battle of Angamos  Last Post
oranphil1172/3/2016 2:09 PM
by scoucer
Peru-Bolivian Confederation  Last Post
oranphil3251/29/2016 3:05 PM
by oranphil
(1800-1860) Pre-American Civil War Battles
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