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(2000-Pres) Current Day Military talk (No Partisan Politics)
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Manchester bomb atrocity (Page: 1  2 ) Last Post
SJ474605/29/2017 1:44 AM
by BWilson
Trump's rebuke to NATO countries  Last Post
George171615/28/2017 12:09 PM
by George
US Marines in Norway Last Post
kaii3405/26/2017 9:57 AM
by kaii
U.S. - initiated war against North Korea imminent ? Last Post
BWilson0115/25/2017 3:10 AM
by BWilson
Turkey blocks NATO partnership activities Last Post
BWilson0145/23/2017 9:40 AM
by BWilson
Polish unit to serve under Canadian command in Latvia Last Post
BWilson1155/4/2017 6:39 AM
by George
U.S. command element moving to Poland Last Post
BWilson085/3/2017 3:16 PM
by BWilson
German, French, and British force generation capability today Last Post
BWilson8485/2/2017 2:04 AM
by SJ
United Nations Command - Korea Last Post
George2304/29/2017 7:14 AM
by George
The New Forest Brothers Last Post
BWilson7854/16/2017 5:08 PM
by Brian Williams
Crisis in Northern Ireland Peace Process. Last Post
SJ81074/16/2017 6:54 AM
by SJ
UK Parliment attacked 4 dead, 20 injured! What next? Last Post
Michigan Dave393074/10/2017 2:30 PM
by George
Russia confirms defence budget cuts Last Post
kaii131393/30/2017 10:40 AM
by kaii
(2000-Pres) Current Day Military talk (No Partisan Politics)
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