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 (1939-1945) WWII Battles    

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Photos from the 1940 campaigns
Posted on: 7/24/2017 11:14:08 AM
 These URLs load PDF files. One are French photos of the campaign in Norway; the other are German photos of the campaign in the West. There is also text in French if one is Francophone, but the text is unnecessary to appreciate the photos. I had not seen them before.



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Re: Photos from the 1940 campaigns
Posted on: 7/25/2017 6:16:47 AM
Thank you BW. Great photos plus I had the opportunity to fumble with my high school French. I used to be pretty good at it but my skills have deteriorated.

Many good shots of the German propaganda units and references to the changes that they made in procedures after the Poland campaign. If understand it correctly, the propaganda units weren't satisfied with their work in Poland.

Noticed the great photo of American war correspondent William Shirer at work.

I didn't know that so many Poles participated in the Norwegian campaign apparently under French command if my translation was up to snuff.

There was also an odd shot of two British soldiers carrying skis and the description said that they were likely the skis of French alpine troops who were recuperating after a battle.

Many thanks. I enjoyed these photos very much.



 (1939-1945) WWII Battles    
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