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 (1939-1945) WWII Battles
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Operation Berlin--Apr/May 1945
Posted on: 11/9/2017 5:13:40 AM
Following Stalin's complete deception of Eissenhower as to his real intention vis a vis Berlin--he wanted the whole city

Zhukov's 1st Byeloru Berlinssian Front attacked at 05.00 on the 16th April and Koniev's 1st Ukrainian Front at 06.15. Although Koniev's attack across the River Neisse went well, Zhuvok's forces soon ran into trouble. The battle just west of the River Oder proved to be no walkover as the Seelöw Heights were a critical defensive position in Army Group Vistula's sector, and the Germans, under no illusions as to what a Soviet breakthrough would mean, fought desperately.

The Army Group had been under Col Gen G. Heinrici since the end of March after Hitler replaced Himmler with Heinrici, a veteran of the Eastern Front and expert on defensive tactics.

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