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China and Russia's far east -- the demographics
Posted on: 2/5/2017 11:44:10 AM
 Interesting article. [Read More]


With occasional, fatigued glances at life's rear-view mirror from the other side of time.

James W.
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Re: China and Russia's far east -- the demographics
Posted on: 2/5/2017 11:40:37 PM
Chinese gold miners found their way to all the major 'rushes' of the Pacific Rim in the C19th AFAIR, BW, inc' Australasia..

(& further inland in CONUS too, with the building of the trans-continental railway, see TV shows 'Bonanza', 'Kung Fu', & 'Deadwood')

For sure, such Chinese workers were respected for their industrious ways, but also distrusted/demeaned & ways were found to
'tax' them of their winnings, since these 'Celestial Heathens were typically not 'spendthrifts' like the 'loundeyed devils'..

Funnily enough, since recent Chinese 'economic' immigration has been extensive downunder, I asked a 5th generation local of ethnic Chinese
descent, how he was regarded by the newbies.. he said the nickname they gave such locals as himself was 'banana' - 'yellow on the outside,
- white on the inside'... & in response his view was that they were too often - arrogant post-Maoists, with certain execrable publicly
presented habits that he found even more disgusting than other locals did, such as loud coughing/spitting/openly staring, & attempts at
fraud/corruption, even if only falsely claiming Gov't welfare, or driving on false documentation/sans actual skills..

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