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Hi - Needing help with research
Posted on: 5/20/2017 1:54:33 AM
Good day.

I am a professional screenwriter, and I recently am re-writing a Nazi-focused black comedy, looking to be made in either Germany or Britain. I am working with a well-known director whose name I also cannot give here, and I am writing the dialogue. Because it's under contract, I cannot give away the plot or the details unless someone's available to help me with it through personal connection (rather than on posts on a forum).

If you have (and I know some of you are amazing historians) a good grounding of knowledge in Nazi-era history, especially about the personalities of the leading Nazis, as well as about how the socializing and manners were, as well as any knowledge you can give me about various subjects of the time, I'd be grateful.

I am a comedy writer and to a degree, can write high-quality dialogue and make it sound funny, but my weakness is that I am not well versed in history. I'd love to ask some questions, and if you are interested in helping me, please email me at

Thank you very much for your time, and much respect for your knowledge,

Smedley N.

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