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 Civil War Commanders and Units    
Steve Clements
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Winfield Scott
Posted on: 3/14/2017 1:31:17 PM the middle of re-reading Richard Slotkin's "Long Road to Antietam", which I would highly recommend.

Early in the book, Slotkin touches on the removal of Scott from over-all command of the Union forces. And he, of course, addresses McClellan defamation of Scott, which certainly assisted in his removal.

I understand that Scott was 75, quite obese etc., and hardly fit for field command. But given his track record in Mexico (my understanding is that he was quite brilliant during the Mexican war), would he not have been a good "fit" for the over-all command? Yes, I do get that he was 75, but I am not aware that his mental faculties were lacking (maybe they were....).

I "get" that Lincoln's distrust of 'little Mac" grew later....but still, little Mac had done little to justify both his appointment as CEO of the AoP AND carrying the burden of over-all command.

I gather that Stanton - who later would put little Mac at the top of his "gotta go" list - was still part of the little Mac fan club at the time of Scott's removal. I am sure that this also played a part ...

Is the background to Scott's removal detailed in any one article or book, that anyone might recommend?



 Civil War Commanders and Units    
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