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 (1866-1899) Other 19th Century Battles    
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Re: The Defence Of Isandhlwana Camp 1879
Posted on: 11/5/2016 10:38:33 AM
Been away studying my military law books to see if there was a way that a proper court of inquiry or court martial of someone, even Chelmsford himself or (including postumously) of Col. Durnford could take place bringing all evidence, including in the aftermath by Edward Durnford, etc., to set forth who was fully to be held sccount for the defeat.

Although modern publications, it is interesting to actually place various (possible) charges on various participants before/during and after the battle was over.

Anyway, I digress, military law is a somewhat specialised subject, even for a layman like myself, though I would find a book solely covering this area about Isandhlwana intriguing, as it is an approach rarely touched upon, with reference keeping being made to the farcical COI that did occur.

On another point, dealing with a similar subjrct to the one starting this topic, in my view a book on the battle after Isandhlwana should be titled - The Siege Of Rorke's Drift 1879, as again it immediately lets the situation to be understood that in the circumstances they had nowhere to go and were totally surrounded.

I've seen several discussions about how they should have vacated the post, but not taking into consideration the injured in the hospital, time limit, and the speed of the approaching Zulu impi.
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 (1866-1899) Other 19th Century Battles    
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