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 (1946-1999) Other 20th Century Battles    

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airpower in counter-insurgency actions
Posted on: 6/12/2016 1:11:11 PM
 Thought some here might enjoy this site. It hasn't been updated in years, but has some good material. Here are links to two articles on the use of airpower in counter-insurgency actions.

[Read More]
[Read More]

 The main site for the aviation articles is [Read More]

The 1950s, '60s, and '70s were the era of the "limited" war and the "low-intensity conflict." All but a handful of the wars of the period were in essence small-unit actions dragged out over years. Like the third-world conflicts and "policing actions" of an earlier generation, the struggles of the limited-war era had their roots in foreign colonial policies or local ethnic and economic rivalries. But they were also guided by ideological concerns to an extent that would have astonished a veteran of the Northwest Frontier or the Riff Wars. For the first time, generals and politicians East and West saw the grudges and jealousies of Belgian colons, Altiplano peasants, French pieds noirs, Congolese Simbas, Indochinese intellectuals, British planters, Berber tribesmen, and multinational mining cartels as parts of a single struggle. Every bombing in every Middle Eastern bazaar, every strike at every African mine, and every overseer shot in South America was suddenly a crucial battle in the Cold War, the apocalyptic death-struggle of East and West, capital and labor. This peculiar outlook colored every aspect of late 20th-century strategy and tactics and gave rise to a new understanding of the purpose, design, and use of aircraft in combat. No country contributed more to this development than did France.


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Re: airpower in counter-insurgency actions
Posted on: 6/12/2016 2:01:33 PM
The fledgling RAF was keen to establish its military credentials and the air officer commanding in India, Sir Edward Ellington, made the unprecedented decision to conduct air operations against the Waziri tribesmen without the support of the army.

Bristol Fighters and de Havilland DH.9As from No. 5, 27 and 60 squadrons were deployed to the airstrips at Miranshah and Tank. Operations commenced on 9 March 1925, and the RAF squadrons strafed tribal mountain strongholds in a successful attempt to crush the rebellion.

On 1 May 1925, the tribal leaders sought an honourable peace, bringing the short campaign to a close. Only two British lives and one aircraft were lost during the campaign. Pink's War was the first air action of the RAF carried out independent of the army or navy.

NB. 60 Squadron was commanded by my great uncle- Sqdn Ldr M.StC. Leask. MC RAF.

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 (1946-1999) Other 20th Century Battles    
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