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 (1946-1999) Other 20th Century Battles    

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50 years ago: the challenge to Malaysia
Posted on: 9/18/2016 5:17:04 AM

The Konfrontasi was an “undeclared war” fought between Malaysia and Indonesia. The conflict started when Malaysia, consisting of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore, was formed on September 16, 1963. Indonesia under President Sukarno was vehemently against the formation of Malaysia, which Sukarno saw as a British strategy to contain Indonesia’s geopolitical ambitions in the region (the Philippines was also against the formation of Malaysia but apart from breaking off diplomatic relations did not resort to the use of military means). Sukarno launched a “Ganyang Malaysia” or “crush Malaysia” campaign, initially using political, economic, and propaganda means. When these actions failed, he decided to launch military attacks against Malaysia.
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 Indonesia has been an aggressive state. There were also issues with their military operations in New Guinea and not too long ago, Timor. For a people who complained so loudly about being colonized, they are certainly willing to put others under their thumb.


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Re: 50 years ago: the challenge to Malaysia
Posted on: 9/18/2016 6:19:35 AM
We weren't keen on going to fight the Indonesia in Borneo but after fighting landings in Malaysia it became a moot point. Australia had a battalion, combat wing and warships stationed in Malaya with the Far East Strategic Reserve, the battalions did 2 years in Malaya and from there a 4 month tour of Borneo which was standard British practice at the time.
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 (1946-1999) Other 20th Century Battles    
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