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United Nations Command - Korea
Posted on: 4/28/2017 8:10:29 PM
Does the United Nations Command still exist officially with regard to the two Koreas?

Despite the fact that the US provided most of troops and had the greatest number of casualties in the Korean War, and that the international force was under their command, it seems to me that the armistice was signed under the auspices of the UN.

That war has never been declared over so I watched with interest today as US Sec of State Tillerson asked the UN for greater support in managing the situation in North Korea.

So what does he mean by help?

Is it possible that the UN could be required to provide troops to a renewal of the conflict?

And if that is what Mr. Tillerson means by help, then will the UN be consulted before the any action breaks out? Or will the US act unilaterally?


Russia has a short 17 km land border with North Korea. There are reports that the Russians are moving military assets to that border as the US and North Korea rattle sabres at one another. Tanks and other heavy equipment have been moved into the area.

That sounds ominous. What motives does Russia have to do that?


150,000 Chinese soldiers have been moved to the border with North Korea.

This is not looking good. I would hope that diplomats are working full time here.


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Re: United Nations Command - Korea
Posted on: 4/29/2017 4:30:19 AM

 Interesting observations. The Russian move may be defensive -- ensuring that anything that happens doesn't spill into their territory. Notably, Vladivostok appears to be only some 60 air miles from the NK border. Putin could attempt to support the North Koreans if a war broke out, but that also seems risky if only from the standpoint that China could see such a move as an attempt by Russia to become the sponsor of North Korea at China's expense.

 The Chinese massing of troops is likewise difficult to read. Are they trying to impress NK or the USA ? Perhaps both. Here is a map of the area for easy reference by those reading this thread.


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Centre Hastings, ON, Canada
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Re: United Nations Command - Korea
Posted on: 4/29/2017 7:14:14 AM
Thanks for the map BW. One of the articles that I read said that North Koreans have been escaping into Russia over this tiny border with DPRK. I would have thought that Russia would have had that buttoned up pretty well. The number 20,000 was suggested.

I found a video and the text of Sec. of State Rex Tillerson's speech to the Security Council just two days ago.

It was his first time to act as chair of the meeting but he put on another hat as Sec. State to make this speech. Not sure why that is significant. Protocol I guess.

I was looking for any hints that he was calling for military support but I heard none. We aren't that far along I guess despite what Mr. Trump has been saying.

So Tillerson called out member countries as he asked for a number of steps to be taken by UN members:

1. He wanted countries to respect UN Resolutions 2322 and 2270 and admonished those who have not honoured them saying that the lack of support "discredits" the UN.

2322 had to do with the threat of terrorism and to further share intelligence, among other things. That's a little confusing in the North Korean context.

2270 is a little clearer. Adopted in 2016, it details sanctions to be placed against the DRK

2270 is here:

[Read More]

I presume that the US doesn't feel that these sanctions have been applied with vigour. Maybe it's a dig at China. Just speculating.

2. Tillerson asked all member countries to downgrade their diplomatic relations with North Korea.

3. He wants further economic sanctions to be applied. That means that countries should not accept DPRK guest workers or exports from the DPRK.

That looks like another dig at China which receives 70% of all North Korean exports, primarily in coal

And Tillerson wants countries who have not aggressively applied the sanctions to "own up to their lapses". That one is a little provocative. I am not sure of the purpose of the statement.

If you want to hear Mr. Tillerson's short speech to the security council or to read the transcript, here it is:

[Read More]



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