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Polish unit to serve under Canadian command in Latvia
Posted on: 5/4/2017 3:19:50 AM

Meanwhile, a company of the PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks of the Polish 9th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, being a part of a battalion group commanded by Canadians, is planned to be deployed to Latvia. The remaining units of this type, formed on the basis of the arrangements made during the NATO summit in Warsaw, are expected to be stationed in Latvia and Estonia, and they would be routed, respectively, through Germany and the UK.
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 A tiny bit reminiscent of the Polish 1st Armoured Division serving with Canadian First Army during the Second World War.


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Re: Polish unit to serve under Canadian command in Latvia
Posted on: 5/4/2017 6:39:33 AM
Indeed it does. The Poles are remembered for their stand at the Maczuga or Hill 262 as they became the cork in the bottle at the Falaise Gap. There were some language problems between the Poles and the Canadians through NW Europe but they worked it out.

The Germans were desperate to escape and even as the Poles tried to destroy them in the "corridor of death" they attacked the Mace. There weren't many Poles up there and elements of 1st SS and 2nd SS tried to destroy them but they held.

Lt. Col. Aleksander Stefanowicz to his men on Aug. 23. They had been plugging the gap for several days.

Gentlemen, everything is lost. I do not believe the Canadians will manage to help us. We have only 110 men left, with 50 rounds per gun and 5 rounds per tank … Fight to the end! To surrender to the SS is senseless, you know it well. Gentlemen! Good luck – tonight we will die for Poland and civilization. We will fight to the last platoon, to the last tank, then to the last man.

When the Canadians finally fought through to Hill 262 they could see what a grand stand the Poles had made. There were bodies of Poles and Germans on the slope of the hill on all sides as the Poles were surrounded and repelled everything that the Germans sent at them.

Canadian engineers quickly fashioned a sign and placed it at the summit of Hill 262. It said simply, "A Polish Battlefield".

Sorry, I am not on topic but when I think of the Poles and I know that they accomplished a lot more but when I think of them I think of Maczuga. It is a war story worthy of the telling, again and again.

And they and their people deserved a better fate post war.

As for Latvia it looks as though our people will be there in June. Apparently the group that the Canadians will lead has been nicknamed "Noah's Ark" because of the number of international forces participating.

Canada will lead an armoured troop from Poland, a company of light infantry from Italy, another from Spain, and soldiers from Albania, Slovenia and of course Latvia.

Discussions have been ongoing as there are concerns from Canada as to how much NATO or "5 eyes" intelligence may be shared with other members of the coalition.

As well, it seems that the nations will arrive with "caveats" attached meaning that their government places restrictions on what they will allow them to do.

These soldiers have been called a "tripwire" but the consensus seems to be that if the Russians decided to come over that the NATO forces would be lucky to last for 60 hours.



 (2000-Pres) Current Day Military talk (No Partisan Politics)    
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