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Polish territorial units may get equipped with LAW
Posted on: 5/4/2017 3:32:27 AM

The M72 grenade launcher* is a prime example of a solution that could become the “pocket artillery” for the territorial defence units. Thanks to the relevant cooperation with the Nammo company, the said weapons system may be, in the upcoming future, manufactured at the Dezamet facility of Nowa Dęba.
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* Loose translation by article author; "granat" is the Polish word for projectile; the U.S. term would be antitank rocket launcher.

 I'm surprised to see this, I thought the LAW had pretty much run its course. Sounds like new warheads have been developed; they didn't have thermobaric versions in the 1980s.


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Re: Polish territorial units may get equipped with LAW
Posted on: 5/4/2017 4:35:45 AM
The old reliable 66 made one hell of comeback in the Afghan when something was needed to demolish mudhuts and similar structures. The M72A9 in British use is now known as LASM = Light anti structure munitions, and has proved its worth.

Its cheap, cheerful, zero maintenance and minimum training. Which is why the 'suits' from MoD love to see it on the defence budget spread sheet and - it will even take out an APC or light AFV on a good day.
(the suits from the MoD never forgave the Marines for using Milans to take out bunkers in 1982- it put retaking the Falklands way over budget- but saved on the butcher's bill!)

Ideal for Polish reserve units and many uses - apart from confronting a MBT !

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