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 Naval WWII    

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Troopship Sidi Bel Abbès
Posted on: 6/9/2017 12:54:46 PM
 Sunk near Oran on 20 April 1943 by the U-565. Of 1131 on board, 611 perished; the bulk of these men were soldiers of the French Army's 4th Senegalese Rifles Regiment.

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 The same U-boat also sank the American merchantman Michigan the same day. All 61 on the Michigan survived the attack. Both ships were part of Convoy UGS-7.


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Re: Troopship Sidi Bel Abbès
Posted on: 6/9/2017 1:17:52 PM
Code UGS

Route USA to Gibraltar, slow

Area Central Atlantic and Mediterranean

Notes Initially military convoys for Operation Torch, later slow convoys from Hampton Roads to North African ports and through the Mediterranean to Port Said.


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Re: Troopship Sidi Bel Abbès
Posted on: 6/10/2017 8:33:34 AM
So what was the fate of U boat 565 it ticks me off personally that she sank the USS Michigan.
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Re: Troopship Sidi Bel Abbès
Posted on: 6/18/2017 4:57:21 PM
"Scuttled on 30 September 1944 with three depth charges in the Skaramanga Bay, in position 37.59N, 23.34E, after being badly damaged by bombs during US air raids (15th AF) in Salamis on 19 and 24 September 1944. 5 dead, unknown number of survivors."

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 Naval WWII    
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