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Pakistan's Pearl Harbor
Posted on: 2/20/2017 5:17:33 AM
 I hadn't heard of this before. The year is 1971. I read a couple of accounts of this on the web; sounds like the Indians definitely succeeded in dominating the sea war by this action.

After demolishing the Pakistani destroyer PNS Khaibar, MV Venus Challenger, PNS Shah Jahan, and PNS Muhafiz on their way, the fleet reached as close as 26 km to the Karachi port. When the oil tanks and refineries started showing up on INS Nipat's radar, Nipat took two aims, the first of which hit the oil tanks and refineries. With that, Operation Trident was accomplished in full glory and the fleet withdrew towards Bombay.
Operation Trident is still considered an enormous success for the Indian Navy with no casualties or damage to the Indian task group, which returned safely back to Indian ports. For this reason, December 4 is regarded as Navy Day.
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