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 (1914-1918) WWI Battles    
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Re: Haig takes the Helm for the 8th August 1918 operation
Posted on: 4/29/2017 3:00:38 PM
Phil, Sydney Wise passed away a few years ago. So the essay that I provided was one of his later essays.

Quite a guy. Served in WW2 and finished as a pilot officer in the RCAF. I presume that he started as a Sergeant Pilot because he didn't go to post secondary school until after the war.

He got his degree in history and then joined the Royal Military College where he was much loved.

Writer of many history papers and essays and books. He is the author of "Canadian Airmen in the First World War: Vol 1 Official History of the RCAF

He was the Director of History for the Department of National Defence.

Member of the Order of Canada and promoted to Officer within the Order.



 (1914-1918) WWI Battles    
Page 2 of 2 (Page: 1  2) 
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