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 (1945-1991) Cold War    

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When Drones Go Bad
Posted on: 11/26/2016 5:57:00 AM

On August 20, 1956, the US Navy was testing an automated drone designed for use in tests of air-to-air missiles. The drone was supposed to crash in the Pacific Ocean but instead malfunctioned and started heading for Los Angeles. The Navy, understandably panicked about the drone heading toward a major city, sent two fighter aircraft to shoot it down. That should have been a simple mission, right?

As it turned out, the fighters were ill-equipped to shoot down the drone. Even after firing 208 unguided air-to-air rockets at the drone, the fighters failed to do anything but set fire to Los Angeles County below them, with rockets landing in people’s backyards and blazes burning very close to a munitions factory. The fires burned 1,000 acres. The drone finally crashed when it ran out of fuel, thankfully coming down in an empty stretch of desert.
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brian grafton
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Re: When Drones Go Bad
Posted on: 12/31/2016 5:36:51 PM
Bill, I've been peeking at this comment for a few days now. I don't know what to say!

Your quote suggests this was a test of an automated drone, but it clearly became a test of US defense capabilities. It isn't really about when drones go bad. It's about when the US Navy demonstrates its incompetence, isn't it? And demonstrates it in style?

I guess that this particular test of air-to-air missiles was pretty decisive: Drone 1; US Navy 0. Or, drone beats 208-zero odds. But the US Navy clearly won the honours for most collateral damage by a supporting cast. Can't very well call them the stars of the performance, can we!

Brian G
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Michigan Dave
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Re: When Drones Go Bad
Posted on: 12/31/2016 9:43:10 PM
Shouldn't the title be "When good Drones go bad!" ?
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 (1945-1991) Cold War    
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