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 (1945-1991) Cold War    
Bolton, UK
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45 Commando Royal Marines
Posted on: 4/29/2017 8:11:22 AM
Hi guys, a friend of mine has directed me to this forum and told me that you guys may have the resources to help me.

I am a currently serving Royal Marine based at 45 Commando in Scotland and we are in the process of creating somewhat of a chronological shrine in the form of a history room at the camp, where in which serving members and visitors to camp can enjoy and learn all about the history of the unit.

I have been tasked with the time period of 'post WW2, the 1950s and the 1960s'. I would very much appreciate it if any of you here have any information or photographs from this time period as I am struggling to understand the unit's role during that time period and the shift in it's makeup.

Very much appreciate your time reading.


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Re: 45 Commando Royal Marines
Posted on: 4/29/2017 8:53:52 AM
Welcome to the forum mate.

50-60s saw a period when there were Royal Marines and Royal Marine Commandos.

1. If you what to succeed in this task, go Read up on the RM historical society, then- if interested - get a signal to

The RM Museum and the Society will require verification of your ID and service number. Consider joining them. They have a rich store of resources and onloan material from RM Museum. Get a letter from your boss
verifying your task and a list of what you need by way of info/images/testimony for a focused history of the Commando.

The RM Museum might - if asked - script a basic story line that connects the images and material.

Arbroath is ...remote - draft a simple quiz based on 45 unit history - first 30 answers and - with clearance - a pusser's trip to Pompy and the Museum?

The real exercise in tasks like this is to see who takes an interest and the initiative that they display (get it??)

 (1945-1991) Cold War    
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