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 (1939-1945) WWII Battles
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French casualties in the Phoney War
Posted on: 9/14/2017 4:08:28 AM
 Something for Phil Andrade. 50 French military deaths of September 1939. "Note-1" is a yes/no count of whether they were designated "Mort pour la France" or not -- which can be roughly interpreted as fallen in their duties during time of war.


1 n1 Morocco 4e RTM
2 n2 France 22e RTA illness
3 y1 France 8e RTM DOW
4 y2 Germany 22e RTA KIA
5 y3 France 6e RTM DOW
6 n3 France 24e RTS illness
7 n4 Algeria 29e RZ accident
8 n5 Tunisia 4e Depot Inf illness
9 y4 Morocco Pluton ship exploded in harbor
10 y5 Germany 13e RTA KIA
11 n6 France 124e RI illness
12 y6 France 160e RIF KIA
13 y7 Morocco Pluton ship exploded in harbor
14 n7 France 106e RAL illness
15 y8 Germany 32e RI DOW
16 y9 France 80e RI killed by explosion of land mine
17 y10 Germany 23e RTA KIA
18 n8 Tunisia 26e ETEM illness
19 y11 - 21e RTA
20 n9 Tunisia 4e RTT illness
21 y12 France RMT DOW
22 y13 France 158e RI illness
23 n10 France 40e RANA illness
24 y14 Germany 26e RI KIA
25 y15 Germany 10e BCC
26 y16 Morocco Pluton ship exploded in harbor
27 y17 Germany 170e RI
28 n11 Tunisia 25e COA
29 y18 Morocco Pluton ship exploded in harbor
30 n12 France 22e SIM
31 n13 France SF Boulay died after surgery
32 n14 France 92e RR illness
33 n15 France 211e RR illness
34 n16 Tonkin 10e MIC illness
35 n17 France 8e RG illness
36 y19 France 65e RI KIA
37 y20 Tunisia 18e RTS illness
38 n18 France 16e RA accident
39 n19 Algeria BEM
40 y21 - 22e RTA MIA
41 y22 France 38e RG accident
42 n20 Tunisia 61e BCL
43 n21 Morocco 21e RZ illness
44 y23 Algeria 25e ETEM
45 n22 Tunisia 8e RTT illness
46 n23 Tunisia Depot Inf Afr
47 y24 Germany 23e RTA KIA
48 n24 France RICM illness
49 n25 Cochin-China Lamotte Picquet illness
50 n26 France 15e RP illness


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Phil andrade
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Re: French casualties in the Phoney War
Posted on: 9/14/2017 4:33:19 AM
Thanks, Bill.....very revealing, indicating that only about one quarter of the deaths are from enemy action.

Hazards of military life are very apparent : young men are accident prone, and illnesses still take a surprisingly fatal turn.

Regards, Phil

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