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 (2000-Pres) Current Day Military talk (No Partisan Politics)
Brian Williams
Atlanta, GA, USA
Posts: 375
CNN's Return to Mosul
Posted on: 3/7/2017 9:15:49 AM
Good series from CNN about the ongoing and aftermath of the retaking of Mosul.

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brian grafton
Victoria, BC, Canada
Posts: 1546
Re: CNN's Return to Mosul
Posted on: 3/7/2017 8:58:40 PM
Thanks for the link, Brian. Interesting to see what an outfit like CNN (which I do no watch or listen to – if one can listen to CNN) is doing.

Dunno if I know how to get the most out of such reports, so maybe I'm a minority of one. But I sensed this was a PR exercise rather than reporting. Seemed more like MacArthur's return to the Philippines than coverage of a war. No coverage of what happened to the rest of the initial convoy; no coverage of what the impact might have been of CNN folks taking shelter in civilian digs. So I was rather disappointed in that way. This isn't "America's" war, and it certainly isn't CNN's war. Pity the poor Iraqis who have lived under ISIL control, but don't make this an "I have returned" minute!

IMHO, the most dramatic shot was just after the reunion between the CNN reporter and her involuntary "hosts". There was a quick shift from embrace to gunfire, which I can't help but believe was an edited "gripper". Nevertheless, the look on the faces of the Iraqi family – particularly the young lad – was haunting. You could read a question that must have been unsaid over and over again: "Is this the time we die? Is it finally our turn?"

Brian G
"We have met the enemy, and he is us." Walt Kelly.

"The Best Things in Life Aren't Things" Bumper sticker.

Brian Williams
Atlanta, GA, USA
Posts: 375
Re: CNN's Return to Mosul
Posted on: 3/8/2017 12:24:05 AM
Yeah, unfortunately you have to get thru the melodrama and try to glean what is truly happening in Mosul. You can get that thru this series. About 1/2 of the series I'd skip, but the there are really good spots in the coverage.

The problem is that journalists get caught up in their own coverage and become the story instead of the people they're covering. I think what I liked is that I haven't heard anything else coming out of Mosul. It's sad we don't have any real coverage on it.