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 (1914-1918) WWI Battles
Phil andrade
London, UK
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Canada' s Somme
Posted on: 10/17/2017 1:14:18 PM
George ,

News reaches me that a new book on the Somme has arrived:

Canadians on the Somme, 1916: The neglected campaign.

Author is Bill Stewart.

Published by Helion .

Regards, Phil
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Earl of Sandwich and John Wilkes

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Re: Canada' s Somme
Posted on: 10/17/2017 1:48:32 PM
For most of the summer of 1916, the Canadian Corps had been manning a section of the Western Front in Belgium. In late August, however, they began to shift to the Somme front near the French village of Courcelette.

The Canadians immediately encountered some stiff action there and suffered some 2,600 casualties before the major new offensive they had been tasked with had even gotten underway.

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Centre Hastings, ON, Canada
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Re: Canada' s Somme
Posted on: 10/17/2017 2:22:21 PM
Many thanks for the tip, Phil. The author is Canadian and he read his PHD thesis in the UK, studying under Gary Sheffield.

I had to look that up. I believe that he wrote a book about Richard Turner, the Canadian General who won the VC but was considered a political appointment.

His book on the Somme is $65 CDN on That's hardcover. May have to wait for the paperback or electronic edition.

The Somme was a costly battle for the Canadians but it doesn't receive the same degree of attention as many later battles involving the Corps.

Thanks Phil


Michigan Dave
Muskegon, Michigan, MI, USA
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Re: Canada' s Somme
Posted on: 10/17/2017 2:27:39 PM
The book, Canadians on the Somme, 1916, is available online, also here's a synopsis.

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Centre Hastings, ON, Canada
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Re: Canada' s Somme
Posted on: 10/17/2017 3:30:35 PM
Battle of Courcelette

Part of the Canadian involvement in the Somme and one of the allied successes, at least partially.

The Canadians were under General Gough in his Reserve Army on Sept. 15, a man they came to despise.

The major part of the battle was handled by Rawlinson's 4th Army. There were 11 divisions attacking (2 Canadian)

So the Canadians were on the far left of the British forces. To the SE were the 8 British divisions and the New Zealanders. The cavalry was there waiting to take advantage of any breakout.

There was a lot of close quarters combat at a place called the Sugar Factory in Courcelette with bayonets and grenades employed liberally.

And tanks. Here's a shot of a few men checking out the new wonder weapon.

Note the odd steering assist wheels at the back of the tank and the cage on the top to stop grenades from hitting the tank.

For the Canadians, Flers-Courcelette was the start of their experience on the Somme. 80 days later, they had amassed over 24, 000 casualties.