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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt Hardin Goddard Hope
10th Tennessee Cavalry - Co. K   
Hardin is by far one of the more interesting people in my family. He actually fought on both sides during the Civil War 1863 (CSA) and 1864-1865 (USA). He is the son of Hale and Nancy and had 2 other brothers that served in the war David Hope, who died in captivity, and Andrew Nelson Hope both of them serving the Union in the 2nd Regiment Tennessee Infantry. He lived from 1846-1928.
-- Entered by Jacob on 6/28/2016
Pvt David L. Hope
2nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. A   
I don't know very much about David. He was one of 3 boys from his family to serve, and the only one to die. He was captured at Rogersville, but from there I don't exactly know what happened to him. It's possible he could have been taken to Andersonville in Georgia, since his grave is there, but I can not confirm it.
-- Entered by Jacob on 6/28/2016
Pvt Larkin Tunget
57th Virginia Infantry - Co. K  
I portray my ancestor in the 57th VA Inf. living history unit (Co. A), in Gettysburg, PA. If you are also a descendant, come out and see us sometime.
-- Entered by Daryl Tunget on 6/28/2016
Pvt John C. Margraves
43rd Tennessee Infantry - Co. F  
John C (JC) Margraves was born in1843 in Roane Co. Tn. Enlisted in the 43rd with Comapny F on November 9, 1861. Was captured on July 4, 1863 at Vicksburg. Paroled on July 9, 1863. But I have also found him on a list of CSA soldiers released at Knoxville, Tn. on February 1, 1865. If anyone has any information at all on him, or Co. F of the 43rd please share. I have found once source indicating that...
-- Entered by Mason Morrison on 6/28/2016
Pvt David Barrett Rogers
47th Kentucky Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Linda Hendrix on 6/28/2016
Pvt J. Newton Wise
6th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Michael Engels on 6/28/2016
Pvt Corneilus S. Bowman
Three Forks Battalion, Kentucky State Troops - Co. C  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Paul M. Bowman on 6/27/2016
Pvt Randolph Cramer
11th Kentucky Cavalry - Co. B  
Captured with Stoneman on July 31, 1864. Sent to Andersonville.
-- Entered by Lyle Cox on 6/27/2016
Pvt Terrel Phillips
34th Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
Terrel captured and pardoned at Vicksburg. Went back to Hartwell GA to await exchange. Was re-captured at the Battle of Hartwell. Moved to Alabama after the war.
-- Entered by J.Jefferson Phillips on 6/27/2016
Pvt John Phillips
34th Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
John was wounded at the Battle of Champion Hill, and was transferred to Vicksburg. He was cared for by Confederate surgeons until the surrender. His care was briefly transferred to USA. He died under the care of the Sisters of Mercy in Vicksburg. I have no information as to the date of his death or his grave sight.
-- Entered by J.Jefferson Phillips on 6/27/2016
Pvt Jefferson Hollard Phillips
34th Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
Jefferson, Lewis Henry, Terrel, and John Phillips. 34 GA VOL INF. Siege of Vicksburg and out-lying skirmishes and battles. Lewis Henry captured while on skirmish duty. Sent to Fort Delaware. Exchanged. John wounded at Champion Hill, and later died at Vicksburg. Jefferson and Terrel surrendered at Vicksburg. Terrel re-captured at the Battle of Hartwell, GA. Jefferson present and surrendered at Bent...
-- Entered by J.Jefferson Phillips on 6/27/2016
Pvt Lewis Henry Phillips
34th Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by J.Jefferson Phillips on 6/27/2016
1st Sgt Jacob Rice Roberts
12th Kentucky Cavalry  
My Great Great Grandfather Was Jacob Rice Roberts and had came from Evansville In to Volunteer into the 12th Kentucky Calvary
-- Entered by Anthony Garrett on 6/27/2016
4th Sgt George S. Etheredge
30th Georgia Infantry - Co. A  
Enlisted in 'Butts Invincibles' Sept 25, 1861. Killed at Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863.
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Pvt Lewis M. Etheredge
45th Georgia Infantry - Co. J  
Enlisted as a private in 'Byars Volunteers' of Butts Co., Ga. Died at Orange Court House and buried at Lynchburg Cemetery
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Pvt Justus W. Emerson
1st Massachusetts Cavalry - Co. G   
Served as Private in Co. E, 50th Mass Infantry and later as Private in Co. G, 1st Mass Cavalry. Died June 14 1919.
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Pvt Chauncey L. Pettibone
1st Massachusetts Cavalry - Co. A   
Served as an orderly for Gen. Whipple. Died on 16 Nov 1921. Buried in Fairmont cemetery, Polo, Ill.
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Sgt Cornelius B. Low
1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery - Co. D  
Sgt., Co. D 1st Regt Mass Heavy Artillery Invalid filed Mch 11, 1880 Applic #348.026 Certificate No. 285.619 Widow filed Oct 10, 1916 Applic # 1080701 Cert. No. 844113
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Pvt Dewitt Milton Davis
26th New York Infantry - Co. C  
Enlisted 21 May 1861 at Utica, NY, Mustered out 28 May 1863 at Utica, NY. Wounded in left ankle at the Battle of Fredericksburg, 12/13/1862 which permanently disabled him. Applied for & received disability pension. After his death, his wife Fannie received a widow's pension based on his service.
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Cpl Eldad E. Moore
27th Massachusetts Infantry - Co. E  
Corp in Co. E 27th Mass. Enlisted 29 Sep 1861 and Separated 29 Sep 1864. Captured May 16, 1863, Fort Darling. Moore was sent to Andersonville, Ga but escaped. Pension card for Eldad E. Moore, Corp Co E, 27 Mass Infantry Cert. No. 981854, Army Invalid, Died Feb 8, 1922 in New Bedford, MA
-- Entered by John Davis on 6/26/2016
Pvt William Isaac Beamer
29th Virginia Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Kathleen McGinn on 6/25/2016
Pvt Simeon McLean
18th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D  
This was my great-grandfather.
-- Entered by Carol on 6/24/2016
Pvt Richard Jackson Breed
7th Alabama Infantry - Co. A  
Richard Jackson Breed was in LaFayette Guards.
-- Entered by Micahel Jenkins-Brown on 6/22/2016
Pvt John Sterling
81st Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. I  
John spent 3 full years in the Civil War. It was reported that he had gun shot wounds to the hand and legs/feet. He was promoted to corporal upon his discharge. He lived until 1884. Anyone with more info about John please contact me. Thank You
-- Entered by Paul Naurath on 6/21/2016
Pvt Charles S. Harvey
57th Massachusetts Infantry - Co. D  
Captured during the Battle of the Wilderness. Charles went to Andersonville Prison then on to Florence Prison.
-- Entered by Dennis Lamoureux on 6/21/2016
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