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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt Patrick O'Brien
10th Minnesota Infantry - Co. H  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Lisa Bachman on 4/19/2014
Pvt Willis Keen
28th Georgia Infantry - Co. A  
My GGGgrandfather was a Private Co A,28 Reg't Infantry Ga Enlisted Sept 10 1861-Camp Stephens,Griffin,Ga by Major Calhoun.He died Sept 17 1862 in a hospital near Richmond Va of disease -trying to find records of where he is buried.
-- Entered by paula on 4/18/2014
1 Lt Samuel Peter Hales MD
23rd Virginia Infantry - Co. E  
Lt. Samuel Peter Hales was the son of a doctor and himself an MD before and after the War. Following the death of his 1st wife who bore 2 children, he married a widow of means and inherited 11 step children, then fathered 2 more. He enlisted for 1 year in Co. E on May 7, 1861 in Halifax County, VA and was appointed 1st Lt. He served in the WV Campaign and briefly commanded the Co in late 1861 fo...
-- Entered by Lucian Hiner on 4/17/2014
Pvt Ephraim Grover Robinson Forbes
11th Georgia Infantry - Co. A  
No Comments
 -- Entered by sheryl shaw on 4/17/2014
Pvt John S. Greer
3rd Georgia Cavalry - Co. C  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Becky Feaster on 4/17/2014
Pvt Levi Lufcy
31st Missouri Infantry  
The data that's available was found in the files of
-- Entered by Albert Eagan on 4/16/2014
Pvt Seaborn Jones Clack
42nd Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
James C. Forester
42nd Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
Pvt Nathaniel Walker Bailey
24th Georgia Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
Martin Helton
Phillips Legion Infantry Battalion‏ - Co. E  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
William John Forester
16th Georgia Infantry - Co. H  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
Pvt Abraham Neelin Smith
13th Georgia Infantry - Co. D  
Transferred from 16th Ga Calvary to 13th Ga company D on May 21,1864
-- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
Pvt Abraham Neelin Smith
16th Georgia Infantry - Co. D  
Abraham was in 16th Ga volunteer Calvary and transferred to the 13th Ga company D on May 21,1864
-- Entered by Gary Chadwick on 4/16/2014
Sgt Thomas H. McConnell
34th Iowa Infantry - Co. H  
Thomas was my great,great Grandfather
-- Entered by Jeff McConnell on 4/16/2014
Pvt Johann Thielmann
6th Wisconsin Infantry - Co. K   
Drafted in October 1864. Mustered out with the regiment in July of 1865. Hospitalized from February to April of 1865. Family history in Germany (Prussia), and Wisconsin is well documented.
-- Entered by John Thielmann on 4/16/2014
Pvt Williams Jordan Saunder
60th Virginia Infantry - Co. H  
Enlisted September 24, 1864
-- Entered by Richard Hickman on 4/16/2014
Pvt William Riley Snider
60th Virginia Infantry - Co. C  
Was a scout. Fought at Seven Days Battle; Piedmont Valley Campaign, and at Waynesborough, VA. Fought under generals Fields, McCausland, Smith, and Jubal Early
-- Entered by Richard Hickman on 4/16/2014
Pvt Stephen F. Fink
54th Virginia Infantry - Co. F  
Fought at Middle Creek,KY; Chickamauga; Atlanta. Captured by Sherman's troops - Chatahoochie,GA on July 3, 1864 In prison camp in Louisville,KY then sent to Camp Morton in Indianapolis, IN. Died in prison on January 12, 1865 of chronic diarrhea. Buried in Confederat portion of Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.
-- Entered by Richard Hickman on 4/16/2014
Pvt James M. Dover
11th Georgia Infantry - Co. D  
Enlisted Jul 1861 Gilmer Ga,
-- Entered by Paul Huff on 4/15/2014
Pvt William Rudolph England
1st Arkansas Infantry - Co. A  
Enlisted 14 Feb 1863 - died in ambush on 1 Jun 1863 (Film # M383 Roll 1). Tombstone # 5363
-- Entered by Rochelle Babb on 4/15/2014
Pvt Ernst (Ernest) Keppler
27th Michigan Infantry - Co. B   
Enlisted at age 18 at Marquette, MI. Sent to Vicksburg, 1862 to participate in the seige. At Petersburg, he rescued his Colonel, William B. Wright, in the face of intense firing, by crawling on hands and knees. Also fought at Chickamauga Swamp, Cold Harbor, Spottsylvania Courthouse and the Battle of the Wilderness. Wounded at Spottsylvania Courthouse, but returned to duty in five weeks. Wounded a ...
-- Entered by Donna J. Merical on 4/15/2014
John A. Stickley
33rd Virginia Infantry - Co. F  
JOHN A. STICKLEY, born near Romney, 18I8; Mr. Stickley was a member of Company F, Thirty-third Virginia Infantry, the 'Stonewall Brigade.' He was severely wounded in the first battle of Bull Run. John A. was my great-great grandfather.
-- Entered by Carl P. Stickley on 4/15/2014
James William Brown
55th North Carolina Infantry - Co. C  
My info is that James W. Brown (Billy Brown) was wounded at Gettysburg, but we don't know which day. He lost his leg and was thereafter called Pegleg Brown. We were also told that he was taken prisoner at Gettysburg.
-- Entered by Pam Whitesides on 4/15/2014
Pvt William A. Wesson
2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry - Co. B   
William A. Wesson was born in Lauderdale County, Alabama Dec 21, 1831 son of Claiborne Wesson and Nancy Temple Wesson. William married Sarah Jane Thompson. It was reported Dec. 18th 1862 that he had died at Waynesboro Tn. His brother John R. Wesson who had served in the 6th Tennessee Cavalry U.S.A. after returning from the war married Williams widow. All three are buried in Simmons Cemetery Lauder...
-- Entered by Stephen Holt on 4/14/2014
Pvt William E. Cole
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. M  
Pvt. William E. Cole, Union soldier, 5th mounted Infantry Company G. died May 25, 1865 at Gordon's Mill, Georgia. I have looked for his burial site for two and a half years.
-- Entered by Junior Cole on 4/14/2014
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