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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt Anderson King
42nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. E  
Attempting to determine date of death, cause of death, and battle . (circa June 1864)
-- Entered by Daryl Blackburn on 8/1/2014
William Durno
45th Illinois Infantry - Co. F  
Killed at Shiloh
-- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
Pvt George Durno
12th Iowa Infantry - Co. C  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
Pvt Stephen Vangilder
1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery - Co. H   
present at Chattanooga
-- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
Pvt Stephen Nott
45th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. G  
present at Antietam, wilderness, etc.. Captured at Battle of Cold Harbor. Sent to Andersonville prison June 1864. Died of disease November 1864
-- Entered by David Pederson on 7/31/2014
Pvt Simon Lord Nott
45th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. A  
enlisted January, 1865. Present at Fort Stedman, Siege of Petersburg, Breakthrough at Petersburg
-- Entered by David Pederson on 7/31/2014
Cpl Thomas Henderson
12th Iowa Infantry - Co. C  
Killed at Battle of Shiloh
-- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
1 Lt David B. Henderson
12th Iowa Infantry - Co. C  
Wounded in the neck at battle of Fort Donelson, lost leg at battle of Corinth
-- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
Capt WILLIAM Legg Henderson
12th Iowa Infantry - Co. C  
William started out as a private, eventually made captain
-- Entered by Michelle Pederson on 7/31/2014
Pvt Green B. Moore
48th Virginia Infantry - Co. C  
Enlisted in Company C June 1861 but was transferred to Company K in October 1861.
-- Entered by Charles Jones on 7/31/2014
Pvt Rickey Moore
17th North Carolina Infantry - Co. K  
Born January 26, 1841 in Pitt County, NC. Enlisted as Private in Company K of 17th North Carolina Infantry at age 21 on 6 May 1862. Paroled Greensboro May 1, 1865. Died December 5, 1906 in Pitt County, NC.
-- Entered by John Cliett on 7/31/2014
Pvt John Sumter Cole
7th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. F   
Born June 26, 1825 in Sumter County, SC. First wife with whom he had five children died October 24, 1862. Approximately four months later he enlisted March 7, 1863 in Company A, Tucker's Cavalry Squadron at Georgetown, SC. He was on that roster when it became Company F, 7th SC Cavalry. Present March 1863-February 12, 1864. Detailed to Commissary Depot in Georgetown February 12 - 29, 1864. Pr...
-- Entered by John Cliett on 7/31/2014
Capt William James Ransom Cantey Jr.
23rd South Carolina Infantry - Co. I   
Enlisted as 4th Sergeant, later promoted 2nd Lieutenant, and finally Captain. Killed April 1, 1865, Battle of Five Forks near Petersburg, Virginia. Two younger brothers also served with him. According to Chronicles of St. Marks Parish, diligent inquiry could not ascertain his fate, but it was believed he was captured and killed while trying to escape. His widow told her granddaughter (my grand...
-- Entered by John Cliett on 7/30/2014
Pvt Thomas K. Wells
2nd Florida Cavalry - Co. B  
My ggggrandfather Thomas K. Wells, was born 1820 in Bryan County, Georgia, served with the 1st Mounted Volunteers during the 3rd Seminole War-1856-1858, and later with the 2nd Calvary-Fort Myers, dispatched to Peas Creek-June, 1864 and later on Nov 4, 1864, died of Scurvy.
-- Entered by Douglas W. Fisher on 7/30/2014
Capt Francis Henry Bounds
6th Tennessee Infantry - Co. G   
He was a captain in the Union Army during the American Civil War, leading Company G of the 6th Infantry, serving under Gen. Wm S Rosencrans. He served from Apr 1862 to Oct 1863. He led his infantry in the campaign to recapture Atlanta, which began in Kentucky proceeding through Tullahoma to Chattanooga to Atlanta. His infantry was being transported by train to Tullahoma when the train was atta...
-- Entered by Tommy Wood on 7/29/2014
Capt William T. Webb
7th Mississippi Infantry - Co. D  
William T. Webb M.D., the older brother of Albert Gallatin Webb, was a captain in 7th MS Inf. (Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol. II, pages 1004-1005, Chicago: 1891.) Co D, Jeff Davis Sharpshooters, Marion County, mustered into State service at Holmesville 4 May 1861. Captains - Hamilton Mayson, elected Lieutenant-Colonel; Henry Pope. First Lieutenants - Henry Pope, W.T. W...
-- Entered by Porter Conerly on 7/28/2014
2nd Sgt Albert Gallatin Webb
7th Mississippi Infantry - Co. B   
A.G. Webb's older brother, William T. Webb, M.D., was a captain in Co D, 7th MS Info. Another brother, Henry W. Webb was killed in the battle of Murfreesboro. (Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol. II, Chicago: 1891, pages 1004-1005). A.G. Webb also served in Co D. In a 1921 Application for Pension, A.G. Webb states that he 'was shot through left arm & left leg.' His regimen...
-- Entered by Porter Conerly on 7/28/2014
Sgt Thomas Wood Uzzell
66th North Carolina Infantry - Co. I  
Sergeant Thomas Wood Uzzell
-- Entered by Drew on 7/28/2014
Pvt Richard Larimore Greenstreet
29th Missouri Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by HERBERT LINS on 7/28/2014
Sgt William Davis
36th Iowa Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Marvin davis on 7/28/2014
Pvt George Allen Wolfe
61st Georgia Infantry - Co. G  
Source: Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865; U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865
-- Entered by Joy Gellatly on 7/28/2014
Pvt Charles Henry Brimmer
18th Virginia Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Howard Brimmer on 7/27/2014
Pvt Josiah Arrasmith
9th Kentucky Cavalry - Co. F  
Josiah Arrasmith enlisted in 1863 and served through the end of the war being present at Johnson's surrender in North Carolina. He was a member of the Kentucky chapter of the United Confederate Veterans and was commander of the Patrick R. Cleburne Camp No. 252 of that organization.
-- Entered by Golda Eldridge on 7/27/2014
Pvt John F. M. Duggan
5th Tennessee Mounted Infantry - Co. E  
2nd great grandfather. Originally from Sevier Co., but had moved to McMinn Co. Brother Archibald was in 2nd TN Cav, USA. Became a minister after the war died 10/29/1906 in McMinn Co., and is buried there.
-- Entered by Michael D. Duggan on 7/26/2014
Cpl Richard S. James
6th Virginia Infantry - Co. D   
I found where Richard survived the war but he did not make it home. I would appreciate any information on him.
-- Entered by Cindy Brown on 7/26/2014
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