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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Musician Augustus Elmore
186th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. A  
Looking for any and all info on my g-g-grandfather , Augustus Elmore, Musician, Company A, 186th Pennsylvania Volunteers
-- Entered by Cheryl Hodge-Spencer on 4/26/2017
Phillip Chambers
52nd Georgia Infantry  
Philip is buried at Crossroad Church cemetery in Forsyth County, GA
-- Entered by Dennis Mathis on 4/26/2017
Pvt William W. Winburn
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. D  
William enlisted 25 Jan 1862. He was wounded at Richmond by gunshot in left leg and died of complications at Chimboraz Hosp. on 1 Aug 1864. His wife and two slaves made the trip to Richmond to claim his body. I located his wife's grave at Campbell Cemetery on the Hartsville - Rubt Hwy in SC. He has no marker but I believe he is buried beside his wife.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/25/2017
Pvt Simeon Smothers
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. G  
Simeon was from Chesterfield County SC He enlisted in the 4th SC Calvary on 26 Dec 1861. He lost his horse and was transferred to Co G 21 SC Inf. Captured at Fort Fisher 15 Jan 1865 and sent to Elmira. Exchanged 20 Feb 1865. He died before 1870.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/25/2017
1st Sgt William Henry Harrison Elliott
9th Indiana Cavalry - Co. E  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Leslie L Ortiz on 4/25/2017
Pvt Benjamin Franklin Shelton
42nd Mississippi Infantry - Co. A  
Benjamin F. Shelton was enlisted at Carrollton, Carroll County, MS in May 1862 by Hugh Miller, Company Commander. The 42nd became part of the ANV in Heth's Brigade in March '63. The only major battle he fought in was Gettysburg, where he was shot in the leg July 3rd, during 'Pickett's Charge,' and captured by the Union. He was sent to a hospital, and then to the POW camp on Bedloe's Island (now Li...
-- Entered by David Butt on 4/25/2017
Pvt Elam Benton Wolfe
37th North Carolina Infantry - Co. I   
Fell Mortally Wounded in The Battle of Hanover Court House, VA. May 27, 1862
-- Entered by J W Howie on 4/24/2017
Pvt Owen Williams
5th Florida Infantry - Co. E  
Brother of Private John W. Williams, 3rd Florida Infantry, Company G
-- Entered by Buck on 4/24/2017
Pvt John W. Williams
3rd Florida Infantry - Co. G   
My Maternal Great-Grandfather; Brother of Private Owen Williams, 5th Florida Infantry, Company E
-- Entered by Buck on 4/24/2017
Pvt Peter Harlon Franklin
13th North Carolina Infantry - Co. A  
-- Entered by Janet Raychouni on 4/24/2017
Pvt Anderson B. Mathis
50th Tennessee Infantry - Co. I  
I have no record of what happened to him died Feb 13 1862
-- Entered by Lance Carpenter on 4/23/2017
Pvt William Proctor Cook
33rd Massachusetts Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted as a Private in Company F, 33rd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on August 05, 1862 (at the age of 41) Wounded on October 29, 1863 at Wauhatchie, TN. Died of wounds on November 02, 1863. He is buried at Chattanooga National Military Park in Tennessee. Plot B-665
-- Entered by Jason Cook on 4/23/2017
Qtr Mstr Amour J Hunt
9th Mississippi Infantry - Co. A   
Member of Corinth Rifles for 1 year. Reinlisted into 9th Mississippi (New) Company A
-- Entered by Carol Hunt Bartlett on 4/22/2017
Pvt Isreal Scott
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. A  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Scott Anderson on 4/19/2017
Pvt Francis Beals
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. H  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Scott Anderson on 4/19/2017
Pvt John R. Scott
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. K  
Great-great grandfather: enlisted with Southern forces in 1862, went AWOL and joined the 5th in 1863. Injured at Battle of Resaca. Survived the war.
-- Entered by Scott Anderson on 4/19/2017
Cpl William Harris Anderson
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. A  
My great grandfather's brother: enlisted Barbourville KY in 1862 at the age of 16. Survived all action of the 5th, mustered out in Nashville.
-- Entered by Scott Anderson on 4/19/2017
Pvt Thomas Henry Miller
2nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. H  
Was told by my Mother that Pvt. Miller transferred to Co H 16th Veterans Reserve on June 23rd, 1864. Enlisted at Camp Cumberland Ford on March 11, 1862. Prisoner of war and paroled. I have not been able to find any information to corroborate this.
-- Entered by Julie Lewis on 4/19/2017
Pvt John Wesley Knight
7th Tennessee Mounted Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Julie Lewis on 4/19/2017
Solomon L. Smith
52nd Virginia Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Kate Walter on 4/18/2017
Pvt Austin K. Mudge
52nd Illinois Infantry - Co. G  
Did he see combat.?
-- Entered by Rand johnson on 4/18/2017
Pvt Isaiah Harper
29th Virginia Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Walt Harper on 4/18/2017
Pvt James Macomas Harper
29th Virginia Infantry - Co. H  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Walt Harper on 4/18/2017
John Solomon Harper
29th Virginia Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by walt Harper on 4/18/2017
Pvt James Madison Hayes
29th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H  
Son of James Peter and Louisa Ratcliff Hayes, born 18 March 1834 in Buncombe County, NC. Resided in Buncombe County and enlsited at age 26, September 11, 1861. Deserted on September 6, 1863. Captured by the enemy in Buncombe County on an unspecified date. Sent to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Confined at Louisville, Kentucky, on or about June 6, 1864. Released on June 8, 1864, after taking the Oath...
-- Entered by Daniel S Estefano on 4/17/2017