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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt Henry Jackson Duke(s)
59th Georgia Infantry - Co. A   
Wounded and captured at Gettysburg
-- Entered by Grady Dukes on 2/5/2016
2nd Sgt Mansil M. Crisp
42nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. D  
Mansil has 6 cards in his archival file. He joined the fight on 27 Sept 1862 at Jackson. He enlisted for 2 years in Co D 42nd Tennessee Infantry. He was a 2nd Sergt.on 31 Oct of 1862 and was on detached recruiting duty. His unit was reorganized several time.
-- Entered by phillip Thomas on 2/5/2016
4th Sgt Charles Lewis Gordon
4th Virginia Infantry - Co. E  
Enlisted in 1861 Wounded in the Battle of Manasses(2nd) Aug. 28, 1862- Survived- Promoted to Sgt. on Oct. 14, 1862-paid $6.05 for 1 yr. service Wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 3, 1863-Survived
-- Entered by Tonya Reynolds on 2/3/2016
Keith Holyfield
28th North Carolina Infantry  
Srgt Watson Butcher Holyfield Columbus Holyfield Hardin Holyfield(not on rolls but I have pension for his service. Was only 14
-- Entered by Keith Holyfield on 2/3/2016
Pvt Nimrod Poteet
64th Virginia Infantry - Co. B  
Many brothers and relatives of Nimrod in same regiment.
-- Entered by Jim Poteet on 2/3/2016
Pvt Samuel S. Slade
7th Mississippi Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by james williamson on 2/3/2016
4th Sgt William David Wilson
26th Mississippi Infantry - Co. H  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Toni Williams on 2/2/2016
Pvt Robert Cost
62nd Alabama Infantry - Co. C  
Robert Cost was only 16 years old when he enlisted with his brother John Bailey on December 19, 1863. He was captured at Blakely, AL on April 9, 1865 and sent to Ships Island prison camp.
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Pinkney Cost
29th Alabama Infantry  
Pinkney Cost enlisted in 1863. He was captured June 15, 1864 at Big Shanty, Georgia. He was sent to Rock Island Ill and spent the rest of the war there. He was released on February 25, 1865. He received a pension and is listed as living in Randolph AL. He died December 29, 1904 and is buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery in Jemison ,AL
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt James Cost
2nd Alabama Cavalry - Co. A  
James Cost enlisted with his 2 brothers Allen and Henry on September 8, 1862. He was ill and in the hospital and was given a certificate of disability in January 1863. He lived his life in Shelby county AL and died October 2, 1888 and is buried in Pelham AL city cemetery
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt John Bailey Cost
62nd Alabama Infantry - Co. H  
Bailey Cost enlisted in late 1863. He was only 18 years of age. He was captured and sent to Ships Island prison camp twice. Was captured at Blakely , AL April 9, 1865. The last time. Lived in Chilton county AL and died at 96 years of age. He is buried in Collins Chapel cemetery in Thornsby, AL
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Henry Harrison Cost
1st Alabama Cavalry - Co. A  
see 20th AL inf for write up
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
2 Lt Henry Harrison Cost
20th Alabama Infantry - Co. G  
Henry Cost received his commission on September 16, 1861 and resigned his commission on February 27, 1862 because of ill health. He joined company A 2nd AL cav. on September 8, 1862. He was listed on attached service as a wagon master On March 22, 1864 he was listed as shot in the ankle. He received a certificate of disability on December 7, 1864
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Enoch Cost
24th Alabama Infantry - Co. K  
Enoch Cost enlisted August 23, 1861 and died of disease in Okolona, Mississippi on May 3, 1862
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Allen W. Cost
2nd Alabama Cavalry - Co. A  
Allen Cost was enlisted on September 8, 1862 and was captured at Lost Mtn , Georgia and sent to Rock Island Ill. prison camp June 15, 1864was released on June 22, 1865. He died in Talladaga county AL 1873
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt James Bailey Cost
44th Alabama Infantry - Co. H  
Bailey Cost enlisted May 7, 1862. He was captured August 14, 1864 at Bermuda Hundred , VA and was sent to Point Lookout prison camp until he was exchanged March 15, 1865
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
2nd Cpl Andrew J. Cost
10th Alabama Infantry - Co. C  
Andrew J. Cost died May 5, 1862. He was killed in action at Williamsburg, VA. Residence was Hillsboro, AL
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt William Cost
10th Alabama Infantry - Co. C  
William Cost died April 28, 1862 in Richmond, VA and is buried in Oakwood cemetery
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Andrew J. Cost
24th Alabama Infantry  
I found Andrew Cost listed in a muster roll of the Curry Rifles, 24th AL inf. Wounded at New Hope Georgia. Also found him listed in the 18th AL and killed Feb. 20, 1864 in Atlanta campaign. He was moved to Marietta Confederate cemetery in Georgia and listed on the big monument there as a captain in company I 18th AL inf. Trying to get him a military marker and get his service sorted out. Any he...
-- Entered by David Cost on 2/2/2016
Pvt Caleb John Green
57th Georgia Infantry - Co. E  
Caleb John Green was my GG grandfather. Chickamauga was one of three times he was captured, Vicksburg and Bentonville being the other two. he was discharged from vicksburg july 7 1863,bentonville june or july 1865.from reading history of rock island their first captured came from the battle of lookout mt. i strongly believe he was taken to rock island, there is a Caleb F Green listed there. the F...
-- Entered by jeane c king on 2/2/2016
Pvt George W. Hatfield
7th Tennessee Mounted Infantry - Co. F  
Looking for details of the actions of Company F of the 7th TN Mounted Infantry. I have found records that George was a POW in Andersonville.
-- Entered by Kathy Hatfield Palmer on 2/1/2016
Pvt William Smith Howard
50th Massachusetts Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by philip howard on 2/1/2016
Pvt William Watson
52nd Massachusetts Infantry - Co. D  
William Watson of Conway, Franklin County, was in the 52nd Mass. Volunteer infantry, Company D.
-- Entered by Ann Watson on 2/1/2016
Pvt John C. Willis
9th Mississippi Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Steve Willis on 1/31/2016
Noah Hudson
3rd Delaware Infantry - Co. B  
Noah Hudson 3 Co B Buried in Catman Cemetery Frankford, DE
-- Entered by Elizabeth Stoud on 1/31/2016
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