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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Cpl Joseph Edward Schane
157th Indiana Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by John Schwendler on 9/2/2014
Qtr Mstr George G. Lindley
10th Iowa Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Larry W. Brown on 9/1/2014
Capt Robert Winn Snead
50th Virginia Infantry - Co. F  
Seeking information on my great-grandfather's service in Company F, 50th Virginia Regiment. His name was Robert Winn Snead
-- Entered by Edwin A. Snead II on 9/1/2014
1 Lt Charles W. Pullins
1st Missouri Cavalry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Marty Craig on 9/1/2014
Franklin L. Walker
17th Alabama Infantry - Co. A  
I am researching to find out when my great, great, great grandfather (Franklin L. Walker)date of death. He survived the C.W. and his daughter (my great, great grandmother) was born in 1871. I know his was buried in Crenshaw County, AL in Mothershed cemetery.
-- Entered by Conni Perteet on 9/1/2014
Philip Green
66th Illinois Infantry - Co. A  
I am looking for information on my Great,great grandfather Philip Green. He was born in 1814 in Prussia/Germany and immigrated to the United States (unknown). He may have served in the Civil War Company A, Regime 66 as a sharp shooter.
-- Entered by Ronda Hewett on 9/1/2014
Pvt Elias Camp
19th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. E  
I have a copy of the U.S Register of Enlistments dated 12Nov1861 which contains information of both enlistment and discharge data for my ancestor Elias Camp. I am trying to interpret the discharge remarks which has a number of abbreviations. To Quote 'Discharged Jan 1, 1863 S.O. 15, Helgas 14 A.C. at Murphysboro, Tenn., @ Musc' I would also like to add my relatives information to your datab...
-- Entered by Samuel Camp on 9/1/2014
Pvt Thomas Swink
43rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. K  
Thomas was young , 17 or 18 when he joined 25 Dec. 1862 at Goldsboro, NC. He later married my cousin Sarah Ellen Thomas of Union Co. NC. . Thomas was in poor health and was sent home on furlough authorized by Grig. Gen. Daniel [18 May 1863- 6 June 1863] He is reluctant to return and was arrested and returned to his unit. July 1864 he is sick in hospital, Sept 1864 he is a POW, captured at Statesv...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 9/1/2014
Capt Granville L. Maret
7th Kentucky Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Marty Craig on 9/1/2014
Pvt Pinkney A. Honeycutt
29th North Carolina Infantry - Co. G  
Pickney enlisted on 26 July 1861 at a young age 17 or 18 in Yancy Co. NC. He was captured at Richmond Ky. on 27 Oct. 1862. Transported to Vicksburg for exchange. He had become very ill. He was sent to Mobile Ala. and is found in the General Hospital there. He is discharged by Surgeons Certificate on 24 Dec. 1862. He is paid $130.86. He had a relative, Noah Honeycutt who entered the same day in the...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 9/1/2014
Solomon T. Henry
13th Battalion La. Partisan Rangers  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Kathy Bailey on 9/1/2014
Pvt William E. Elliott
7th Virginia Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Maria Elliott on 8/30/2014
Pvt James O. Elliott
7th Virginia Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Maria Elliott on 8/30/2014
Pvt Ambrose Seals
3rd Missouri Cavalry - Co. G  
Ambrose Seals my great great uncle served in the 3rd Missouri Cavalry, Co G, under Colonel Colton Greene from 1862-1864 and also took part in Price's raid into Missouri.
-- Entered by Patrick Kealey on 8/29/2014
Pvt John Woodcock
157th New York Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Nicholas Luck on 8/29/2014
Musician Calvin C. Miller
37th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Calvin Miller, a farmer from Watauga County, NC, volunteered as a private at the age of 24 on September 14, 1861 and was promoted to a field musician (fifer) on March 1, 1862. Miller was captured at Hanover Courthouse on May 27, 1862 and exchanged on August 5. He was captured again at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863 and exchanged ten days later. Miller was reduced to private after December 31,...
-- Entered by Amy Melton on 8/29/2014
Pvt John Schlotterback
110th Ohio Infantry - Co. B  
Enlisted at age of 14. Was wounded at the second battle of Bull Run and lost his leg. His life was saved by a Confederate soldier who gave him his canteen saying, 'I'm dying, this will do you more good than it will me.'
-- Entered by Angela Balmer on 8/29/2014
Cpl Theopolis W. Richardson
1st West Virginia Infantry - Co. A  
No Comments
 -- Entered by J Nelsen on 8/28/2014
Cpl John Lohberger
30th Iowa Infantry - Co. K  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Larry Kehoe on 8/28/2014
Pvt Thomas J. Atkinson
34th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D  
Mustered in at Camp Fisher, Oct. 25, 1861,Co. D (Oakland Guards). 34th Reg't. North Carolina Infantry (State Troops. Wife Sallie H. Atkinson appears on register of claims of deceased soldiers, Jan. 5, 1865
-- Entered by Tom Atkinson on 8/28/2014
Sgt William A. Altizer
22nd Virginia Cavalry - Co. K  
No Comments
 -- Entered by David Altizer on 8/28/2014
Pvt Richard Hughes
89th Indiana Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Lenora Burtch on 8/28/2014
Pvt David Hughes
89th Indiana Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Lenora on 8/28/2014
Pvt Wiley Thomas
48th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E  
Wiley was conscripted on 23 August 1863. He was 30 years old A farmer from Union County NC. He was a patient in the hospital 17 June 1864 in Richmond Va. The nature of his ailment or injury is not known. He was captured at Hatchers Run on 25 March 1865. Sent to City Point on the 27th and released in June 1865.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 8/27/2014
Pvt Calvin Thomas
26th North Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Calvin enlisted 10 May 1862 along with his brother James Wilson. He was a 27 year old from Anson County NC. He mustered in at Camp Johnson on 19 June 1862. He was in the fight at Gettysburg and was severely wounded. Captured 5 July and was sent to Fort Deleware , Del. and transferred to Point Lookout. on 18 Oct. 1863. He was paroled and exchanged. He recovered and rejoined his unit. He was parole...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 8/27/2014
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