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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt William Henry Phillips
51st Ohio Infantry - Co. H   
Enlisted on 28 February 1865 at age 17. Mustered out at Victoria, TX on 3 Oct 1865.
-- Entered by James Phillips on 7/23/2016
1 Lt Hugh Jasper Greer
13th West Virginia Infantry - Co. G  
'Jap' Greer later served as a Justice of the Peace and member of the West Virginia House of Delegates (1891-1896).
-- Entered by Kenneth R. Reffeitt on 7/22/2016
Pvt Benjamin E. Stricklin
57th Alabama Infantry - Co. B  
Benjamin was 35 years old when he enlisted at Greenville Ala., on 2 Feb 1862 in Co B 54th later renumbered as 57th Regiment Alabama Infantry. He has three cards in his archival file. He survived the war and died in 1903. He married a widowed lady named Zilpha Elizabeth Tillman. He is buried at Hills Chapel cemetery, Grady, Montgomery, Alabama under a fine CSA stone. He is my 2nd cousin 4 x removed...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/22/2016
Sgt Charles Franklin Hogshead
108th Virginia Militia - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Michael Pyatt on 7/22/2016
Pvt John Bellomy
68th Kentucky Infantry (Enrolled Militia) - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Meredith on 7/21/2016
Pvt Francis Marion Blevins
37th North Carolina Infantry - Co. K  
Francis Marion Blevins is my Great great great great Grandfather. BLEVINS, FRANCIS MARION: B. 11/1845 in Ashe Co., NC. 1860 AsCC HH#725. Co. K, 37th NC Inf. Res. of Ashe Co., Enl. in Iredell Co. on 8/15/62, age 19. WIA in foot at Chancellorsville, VA on 5/1-3/63. Taken POW at Gettysburg, PA on 7/3-5/63, sent to Fort Delaware, moved to Point Lookout, MD by 10/18/63. Exchanged at Bo...
-- Entered by Jaron logan on 7/21/2016
1st Sgt Edmund Covington Dubarry Moorman
23rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Edmund was 18 years old when he enlisted with his brother Thomas as a Pvt. in his home town of Rockingham, Richmond Co. NC. on 30 May 1861. He was promoted to 1st Sgt. in April 1862. Edmund was severely wounded at the battle of Seven Pines and was medically retired in Oct 1864. He moved to Clifton, Bosque Co Texas and lived to draw his Confederate Pension. Edmund and Thomas were my 2nd cousins 4 ...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/20/2016
Pvt Thomas Davis Moorman
23rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Thomas has 31 CMR cards in his archival file. Born 27 Dec 1841 in Rockingham, Richmond Co NC. He enlisted there on 30 May 1861. He was a wagoner in Co D 23rd NC Inf. [ Capt. Coles Company]. He was wounded , [shot thru both thighs] at Malvern Hill on 1 July 1862 and died on the 17th. He died in the CSA General Hospital at Howards Grove. Record say he was in Capt. J.S.Knights Co. at the time of deat...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/20/2016
Sgt Thomas Higler
2nd Battalion, Mississippi Infantry - Co. F  
Thomas enlisted 1 March 1861 or 1862. He was about 55 years old. He is shown in Co F 2nd Battn Miss. Inf. His rank is shown as 0 Sgt, 2 June 1862 his is shot in the ankle in action near Richmond. He is with the 6th Brigade Lomgstreet's Division. 31 July 1862 he is given medical furlough. In 4 May 1863 he is again shot and is in the hospital at Winder in Richmond. General Lee ordered all walking ...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/19/2016
2nd Tennessee Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by JIM DRIVER on 7/19/2016
Pvt Joseph Becker
29th New York Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Eric Sabo on 7/18/2016
Pvt Joshua A. Reames
20th Georgia Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Trae Reames on 7/18/2016
Pvt John Richard Heath
15th Mississippi Infantry - Co. G  
John was 28 Years old. He enlisted at Brookhaven, Mississippi on 17 August 1862 sworn in by Major Clark. 16 April 1863 he is absent on detached duty. he survived the war and died 2 April 1910 in Grenada County Mississippi. John married my 2nd cousin 4x removed Martha Ely.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/18/2016
Pvt Drayton J. Bernhard
30th Mississippi Infantry - Co. I  
Drayton has 8 cards in his file. He was 27 years old when he joined on 3 April 1862 at Grenada, Mississippi. Apparently never in good health, he was sick thru 1864 hospitalized by surgeons order at Shelbyville, Tennessee. I have no death date or burial site for him. He was married to my 2nd cousin 4x removed Mary Ely.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/18/2016
2 Lt James A Lampley
23rd Alabama Infantry - Co. E  
James was 35 years old. He has 24 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Midway, Barbour County Alabama 15 May 1862. In Oct of 1863 he is a Sgt. on detached duty at Commissary Hq. He is promoted to 2nd Lieut. He and is unit are found with Hillard's Legion. Surrendered at Appomattox 9 April 1865. He is my 2nd cousin 4 x removed
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/17/2016
2 Lt James Culberson Borders
5th Alabama Infantry Battalion - Co. A  
James was 26 years old when he enlisted 15 May 1861 at Clayton, Barbour County Alabama. in Co A [New] Promoted to 2nd Lieut. in old Co K 5th Regt. Ala Inf. on 18 July 1861. He died at Charlottesville, Virginia of Typhoid Fever on 20 Sept. 1861.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/17/2016
Col Harrison D. Lampley
45th Alabama Infantry - Co. A  
Harrison D Lampley formed Capt. Lampley's Co. Alabama Vol's on 10 March 1862 at Clayton, Barbour County Alabama. On 25 March 1863 he is promoted to Lt. Col and to full Colonel on 28 Oct 1863. In 22 July 1864 in Jonesborough Ga. he is wounded while serving with Lowery's Brigade, Cleburne's Division Army of Tennessee. He died of his wounds at the CSA General Hospital at Marietta Georgia. He was my 2...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/16/2016
2 Lt David Culver
6th Texas Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by J.B. Ellis on 7/15/2016
Cpl Elisha Bishop Jessee
1st Missouri Cavalry - Co. H   
Captured at Big Black River, May 17th, 1863; transferred to Point Lookout Prison Camp, 9/63; transferred to Hellmira Prison Camp, 8/16/64; paroled, 2/15/65. Died, 1912.
-- Entered by Bentley Jessee on 7/15/2016
Pvt Nathan A. Warren
32nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. H  
Nathan was 20 years old when he enlisted 5 Nov. 1861 in Capt. Thomas Hanna's Co. Mustered in at Camp Trousdale on 5 Nov 1861. He has 7 cards in his file. This unit was armed with flintlock muskets. In Dec. of 1861 they were encamped at Russellville, Kentucky. That winter was disastrous due to the extreme cold and sort supplies. Some 300 out of the 850 died of disease. It took months for the un...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 7/15/2016
1st Sgt Johnathan R. McGuffin
29th Tennessee Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Charles Fisher on 7/15/2016
1st Sgt Manlove David Kimrey
52nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. I  
Any information about this company and/or my relative please let me know
-- Entered by Lori Evans on 7/14/2016
Pvt James H. Palmer
13th Texas Cavalry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Karen Palmer on 7/14/2016
Pvt Elbert John Wiles
34th North Carolina Infantry - Co. A  
WILES, ELBERT J., B. 6/22/1842. Age 17, 1860 Ashe County Census HH#919. Co. A, 34th NC Inf. Native Res. of Ashe Co., where he Enl. on 8/10/61, age 19. WIA at Fredericksburg, VA on 12/13/62. AWOL by 6/1/63, returned to duty by 10/31/63. Pres. as a hospital guard for most of the period thru 1/65. Paroled at Appomattox C.H. on 4/9/65. D. 5/19/90, buried in Ashe Co. Cem. K15. http://www.newrivernotes...
-- Entered by Gehrig Wiles on 7/13/2016
Pvt Jefferson Goodman
23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry - Co. A  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Carol Haynes on 7/13/2016
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