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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt David H. Lane
18th Texas Cavalry - Co. B  
He was my second great-grandfather. M227 roll 21 Enlisted Jan 18, 1862 in Bastrop County, TX. Texas Muster Rolls Index Cards 1838-1900
-- Entered by Robyn Barron on 9/28/2016
Pvt Abner W. Taylor
140th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. A  
No Comments
 -- Entered by James Taylor on 9/25/2016
Pvt Levi Paul Taylor
140th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. A   
Levi Taylor was my great great grandfather. He and his brother Abner W. Taylor were both part of the 140th Infantry Co. A from Sept 4 1862 until the spring of 1865. Levi was awarded an 8 dollar per month pension for a gun shot wound to his left elbow.
-- Entered by James Taylor on 9/25/2016
Pvt John Berlin Snider
8th Florida Infantry - Co. H  
John B. Snider (sometimes Snyder) fought at O'Lustee in the Civil War. Prior to that he had seen action in the 3rd Seminole Indian war as a Bugler.
-- Entered by John Randall Snider on 9/25/2016
Pvt Davidson S. Curlee
42nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. H  
Davidson aka David has 11 cards in his archival file. He was from Anson County NC. He was 18 when he enlisted at Monroe NC on 17 August 1863. He suffered a gunshot wound to his right thigh on 9 March 1865 in a battle at Kinston, NC. He was transferred to CSA Hospital #3 at Greensboro NC. He survived the war and died 12 Sept 1922. He fought bravely against the invading northern hoards. He is the f...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 9/24/2016
Pvt William A. Rutledge
30th Alabama Infantry - Co. B  
Wounded at Jonesboro. Disability pension in 1889.
-- Entered by Mary Lewis on 9/24/2016
Cpl Joseph F. George
82nd Indiana Infantry - Co. B  
Civil War; Private/Corporal; Union, 82nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry, Company B
-- Entered by Jean R on 9/23/2016
Pvt Peter Grim
16th Virginia Cavalry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Alice J. Kinzer on 9/22/2016
Pvt Edward Washington Gulledge
Capt. Kelly's Company Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery)  
Joined 1862 Chesterfield, SC - mustered out April 1865 NC.
-- Entered by Douglas S Gulledge on 9/21/2016
Sgt George Atzel
127th Illinois Infantry - Co. H  
Just finished Roger Boedecker's fine book about the 127th and I suggest it for further reading. If interested, I can give you purchase details, if they still have copies left :) I also would be happy to discuss the 127th.
-- Entered by Thomas Johnson on 9/21/2016
John Henry Hillyer
98th Ohio Infantry - Co. F  
he enlisted age 17 in Ohio and was mustered out Aug. 19, 1864 at Andersonville Georgia. Thank you
-- Entered by d.l. Burton on 9/20/2016
LtC William Lavender Lyles
24th Mississippi Infantry - Co. B  
I have a copy of the appointment of William Lyles to Lt. Col. dated April 1, 1864 from the Confederate States of America War Dept. signed April 22, 1864 requiring him to report to Col. McKelvaie. I also have a transcript from a hand written letter of resignation by Col. William Dowd of the 24th Miss. Infantry dated January 13, 1864.
-- Entered by Terry Nelson on 9/19/2016
Pvt David L.C. White
36th Mississippi Infantry - Co. A  
Wounded at Shiloh, transported to Confederate Hospital in Gainsville Alabama. Died there from wounds and buried in Gainsville.
-- Entered by Richard L White on 9/19/2016
Robert Israel Mathews
49th Virginia Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Pat W on 9/19/2016
James Mortimer Mathews
49th Virginia Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Pat W on 9/19/2016
Pvt Robert Spence Spence
69th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. F  
This is my relative
-- Entered by Renea Spence Roberts on 9/19/2016
2 Lt Zachariah Seth Americus Mitchell
51st Tennessee Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Jacob Cosat on 9/18/2016
Pvt Levi Brookshire
65th Georgia Infantry - Co. B  
searching how G Grandfather got to mississippi from Ga.
-- Entered by David BROOKSHIRE on 9/17/2016
Pvt Thomas Stack
5th Pennsylvania Cavalry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Meg Salinger on 9/17/2016
Pvt Hugh Ferguson Bell
2nd Kentucky Cavalry  
Hugh Ferguson Bell was born on Mar. 1, 1845 in Dickson County, Tennessee. He was a son of John and Nancy Bell and a grandson of old Hugh Ferguson Bell and Mary Montgomery of Montgomery and Robertson Counties. Hugh was a half-brother of John M. Bell of the 9th Tennessee Infantry. After his father's death in 1850 Hugh and his siblings went to live with relatives in Obion County. He joined Company C,...
-- Entered by Phillip R. Priest on 9/17/2016
Pvt James Carey
23rd Arkansas Infantry - Co. A   
James Carey was born June 1836 in Tennessee. He joined the Confedetate Army at Harrisburg, Arkansas on Feb. 26, 1862 and served as a private soldier in Company A, 23rd Arkansas Infantry. He was absent on parole June 30, 1862. He was captured at the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi on Oct. 5, 1862, paroled Oct. 12, 1862 at Boliver, Tennessee. He deserted at Holly Springs, Mississippi, Oct. 25, 1862. ...
-- Entered by Phillip R. Priest on 9/17/2016
Pvt Samuel Carey
23rd Arkansas Infantry - Co. A   
Samuel Carey was born in June 1836 in Tennessee. He enlisted in the Confederate Army at Harrisburg, Arkansas on Feb. 26, 1862. He served as a private soldier in Company A, 23rd Arkansas Infantry and was detailed as a pioneer and litter bearer. He was captured at Port Hudson, Louisiana, and paroled July 10, 1863. On returning home, Samuel joined Company H, Lyles' 23rd Arkansas Mounted Volunteers an...
-- Entered by Phillip R. Priest on 9/17/2016
Pvt Arthur A. Brown
5th Florida Infantry - Co. D   
Enlisted at Madison, Florida on March 26, 1862. Was wounded on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg and died on July 14, 1863 from wounds received.
-- Entered by Glenda Archer on 9/14/2016
Pvt Thomas Simmons
23rd Arkansas Infantry - Co. I  
Thomas Simmons joined the Confederate Army at Jonesboro, Arkansas and served as a private soldier in Company I, Lyles' 23rd Arkansas Mounted Volunteers. This was originally an infantry regiment but in mid-1864 a part of it, including Company I, was mounted on horses and functioned as cavalry for the remainder of the war. Thomas surrendered with Lyles' 23rd Arkansas Mounted Volunteers at Wittsburg,...
-- Entered by Phillip R. Priest on 9/14/2016
1st Sgt Josiah Keplinger
2nd Maryland Infantry - Co. C  
Joined for duty and enrolled June 21, 1861, in Baltimore for 3 years. Was mustered in at Camp Carroll, July 9, 1861. Reads Joshua (sic - Josiah) Keplinger 1st Sergt, Co. C, 2 Reg't Maryland Infantry Appears on COMPANY MUSTER ROLL for March & April, 1865 - - - Remarks: Killed in action near Petersburg, VA April 2, 1865.
-- Entered by Daniel Irvin on 9/14/2016
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