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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt John Henry Purdy
2nd Kentucky Infantry - Co. C  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Hanna on 5/26/2015
Laughlin Buie McLaurin
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. E  
Lauchlin was about 34 years old when he enlisted for service in Co E.4th SC Cavalry. This unit was raised in Marlboro Co. SC. He is not listed in the Natinal Archives. However He is found in the book History of Marlboro Co. SC written by J.A.W. Thomas [ his father in law ] Laughlin survived the war.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/26/2015
Sgt John C. Ashton
22nd New York Infantry - Co. C   
One of 5 Ashton brothers to serve in the Union army. Served with 22nd NY through Antietam before enlisting in the 7th NY Regulars as a private where he served alongside his brother. Killed in action at Gettysburg and buried in the 5th Corps Field Hospital. Detailed family history and CDV photographs available upon request.
-- Entered by Nate Pepper on 5/26/2015
Pvt Jefferson D. Furbush
2nd Virginia Cavalry - Co. H  
Killed in action during storming of Ft. Kennon on James River below Richmond in May 1864. This was a little known action where Fitz Lee tried to rid the neighborhood of the fort which was garrisoned by US colored troops. Fitz took the best equipped men from the companies of his command and set out to eliminate what was considered to be an affront. He had one of his officers offer terms of surre...
-- Entered by Mike Lee on 5/25/2015
Pvt James Albert Lee
2nd Virginia Cavalry - Co. H  
Went by his middle name, Albert. Killed in action around Toms Brook in October 1864. Family Bible says Oct. 8 which is the day before the major action and the Woodstock Races. Other sources say Oct. 9. His body and that of Henry Clay Singleton (Co I) were found buried on the Ramsburg Farm outside of Woodstock just after the turn of the century. They were moved to the confederate section of Ma...
-- Entered by Mike Lee on 5/25/2015
Pvt Joel W. Dickerson
18th Virginia Infantry - Co. H  
1st cousin of John Thomas Lee and of Marcellus W. Cheatham's wife.
-- Entered by Mike Lee on 5/25/2015
Pvt John Thomas Lee
18th Virginia Infantry - Co. H  
Brother in law of Marcellus W. Cheatham. Often detailed as a teamster. Was a justice of the peace at Chap, Va. in Appomattox Co. in later years.
-- Entered by MIke Lee on 5/25/2015
Pvt Marcellus W. Cheatham
18th Virginia Infantry - Co. H  
Wounded in the ankle at Gaines Mill. Missed action through Gettysburg. He was a timberman and, in 1874, was hit in the head and killed by a falling tree. The wound troubled him for the rest of his life and, while maybe it saved his life by keeping out of much of the action, it could have ended up killing him by causing him to be unable to get out of the way of that falling tree. Eight months af...
-- Entered by Mike Lee on 5/25/2015
Cpl John Richard Sampson
6th Virginia Infantry - Co. H   
John enlisted at Norfolk City on 19 April 1861 in Capt. Richard C Taylor's Co. 6th Regiment Va. Infantry. He is 18 years old and musters in at Craney Island by Col. Richardson on 30 June 1861. He is a mechanic and is assigned duty as a crew member of the Col's Barge crew. His enlistment is extended for the war. 15 Nov. 1862 he loses his rifle and accoutrements. He is a patient in Chimborazo Hosp. ...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/25/2015
Pvt Cary Judson Thomas
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. C  
Cary was just shy of 17 when he enlisted in Marlboro County SC on 13 April 1861. Enlisted by Capt Harrington. In July he is sick in the hospital in Richmondm Va. He is discharged viz the Conscription Act for being under 18 years old. He is paid $58.00 and sent home. His Cover CMR remarks: See Battalion S. C.Cadets. This was a local defense force formed to defend Charleston.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/25/2015
Pvt Amos Myers
38th Ohio Infantry - Co. C  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Deb Brooks on 5/25/2015
4th Sgt Nathaniel Davis
206th Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. D  
born 9 Mar 1833 Marietta, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and died 24 Mar 1910 in Verona, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Also, served in the 74th Co. G infantry.
-- Entered by Linda Davis-Kress on 5/24/2015
Pvt William Stephen Keith
44th Missouri Infantry - Co. A  
Enlisted in Union Army Aug. 23, 1864 @ Trenton; Mustered in on September 5, 1864 @ St. Joe; Died January 28, 1865 @ New Albany Hospital 4 in Indiana.
-- Entered by Jan Keith on 5/23/2015
Pvt Alfred Goodwin
5th North Carolina Cavalry - Co. G   
63rd State Troops April 1 1864
-- Entered by David Goodwin on 5/23/2015
Capt David Evans Thomas
24th Alabama Infantry - Co. E  
David joined and was appointed 2nd Lieut. on 18 Oct. 1861. He was appointed to Captain on 27 Jan 1862. His CMR for June 1862 states that the has been sick in Clark Co. since 27 May 1862. I have a copy of his request for discharge for reasons of ill health. It is dated at Grove Hill 15 July 1862. He died 7 August 1862 and is buried at the Confederate Cemetery at Shelby Springs, Alabama. Deo Vindice...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/23/2015
Pvt William Nance
14th Iowa Infantry - Co. F  
Died 29 Oct 1864 at Camp Ford Confederate Prison Camp, Tyler, Texas.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Pvt Robert Nance
130th Indiana Infantry - Co. C   
Died 12 Jan 1865 at Jeffersonville, Clark Co, Indiana.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Pvt Alexander Nance
28th Iowa Infantry - Co. D   
Died 14 Apr 1863 at Helena, Phillips Co, Arkansas.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Sgt William Kates
28th New Jersey Infantry - Co. G   
William Kates was my gg-grandfather.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Pvt Jesse William Gray
2nd Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry - Co. C  
Jesse William Gray was my great-grandfather.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Pvt James Vanesler
3rd Missouri Infantry - Co. E  
James Vanesler was my gg-grandfather.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Pvt David Nance
28th Iowa Infantry - Co. F   
David Nance was my gg-grandfather. He died in 1863 at Lawson General Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. All three of his brothers were also casualties of this war.
-- Entered by Susan Gray Croyle on 5/22/2015
Capt John Alexander William Thomas
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. F  
Rev. John Alexander William Thomas was a preacher of the gospel. He answered the call to defend his homeland from the invaders by forming his own Company. On 25 Dec. 1861 at Bennetsville, Marlboro Co SC he formed Capt. J.A W. Thomas' Co, 21 SC Vols' This became Co F. 21st Regiment SC Infantry. It mustered in at Georgetown, SC on 10 January 1862. Assigned to Hagood's Brigade, Hoke's Division it saw...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/22/2015
Pvt James S. Davis
3rd Florida Infantry - Co. A  
I have is widow's pension
-- Entered by Theresa Bell Naticchia on 5/22/2015
2 Lt Mastin Duke Crawford
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. F  
Mastin enlisted as A Pvt. at 27 years old on 20 May 1861 at Paris, Henry Co. Tenn. Enrolled by Col. W.E. Travis in Capt. Josiah H Porters Co. 5th Regiment Tenn. Vol's. He mustered in at Camp Brown Tenn on 9 August 1861. On 4 Sept. 1861 he was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieut. with 1st Co. F 5th Regt. Tenn Vol's. He was discharged on 6 May 1862. His records do not give the circumstances. He applie...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 5/22/2015
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