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1st Volunteers, Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Whitfield Anthony WadeRank: Private Company: H

Whitfield Anthony Wade was born in Auraria, Lumpkin Co., Georgia 23 NOV 1847 and died: 23 JAN 1928 in Rosewood, Upshur, Texas and is buried at Grice Cemetery next to his father whom he served with in the Home Guard guarding the northern Georgia state line which he recalled often to his children. He was born to Joseph Berry Wade (1815-1877) and Sarah Medely Odell Wade (1822-1908) and was brought up about a mile north of Auraria and in the Auraria schools. He recounted working as a child sweeping floors in he old Dahlonega mint for extra money as well as joining his family gold panning when he father wasn't working at the mines. He told his grandson, Harvey Surestus Wade, that during the Civil War he and his dad with sleep outdoors for months on end in the cold mountains looking for yankees and Confederate deserters as well. He left Lumpkin County in 1869 by ox-drawn wagon and settled in Upshur County, Texas where he had a farm and large orchard near the town of Rosewood. He had a blacksmith shop, a profession he probably learned from his in-laws, the Odells, whom were said to be blacksmiths. In Upshur County he married Mirah Elizabeth Knight (1855–1885) on 15 Oct 1874 and had 4 children, Laura H. Wade 1875–1876, Agnes Maggie Wade 1877–1938, Joseph Jefferson Wade 1879–1959, Anthoney Frank Wade 1881–1903 and Harvey Surestus Wade 1884–1980. After her death when her horse was spooked and threw her returning from the Rosewood post office hemarried her widowed sister, Area Addie E. Knight 1863–1929 and they had 7 children, Chester L. Wade 1886–1906, Charles Milton Wade 1889–1970, Emily Zelma Wade 1891–1964, Ruthie Lille Wade 1897–1977, Cullis Wade 1900–1969, Preston Vernon Wade 1903–1957, and Bennie Burchell Wade 1906–1983. Whitfield A. Wade's personal papers were donated by his great grandson, Ronald Ellis Wade, to the East Texas Research Center at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Tx. -- for information go to:

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Contact Name: Ronald E. Wade
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