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Unit Type

1st Arkansas Infantry (USA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Alexander (Coon) M RossRank: Private Company: C

Coon served in the Union Army under the names of Eleck and Ellick Ross. He enrolled on February 12, 1863 in Company C, 1st. Regiment Arkansas Infantry, at Fayetteville along with his brother Tal. He was discharged on August 10, 1865 at Fort Smith and came back home to Newton County. One of his granddaughters says that he got the nickname of Coon during his scouting days during the Civil War. They thought that he could see in the dark well enough to get around holes, brush and logs as well as any raccoon. His military record gives his description as 5 feet 9 inches, fair complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. His pension # is 792202. Brother of Martin Clinton Tarlton (Tal) Ross. Relationship: GGG Uncle

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Contact Name: Anne Stjern
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