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21st Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John W ShoemakerRank: Private Company: E

'This company was formed of men transferred from Captain Jesse Burtz's Company (Cherokee Georgia Mountaineers) which was divided by S. O. No. 163, A.&I.G.O. dated 26 SEP 1861. It afterward became Company D, 21st Battalion, North Carolina Infantry. Being composed of men from Georgia, it was subsequently transferred to the 21st Regiment, Georgia Infantry by S. O. No. 84, A.&I.G.O. dated 11 APR 1864 and became (New) Company E of that regiment.' John W. SHOEMAKER enrolled on 22 JUL 1861 at Concord, Dawson County, Georgia in Captain Smith's Company, Independent Regiment, Wise Legion. As noted above, this company evolved into Company D, 2nd Battalion, North Carolina Infantry. The entire company was captured at Roanoke Island, North Carolina on 8 FEB 1862. The POWs, including John, were released as paroled prisoners of war at Elizabeth City, North Carolina on 21 FEB 1862. This release on parole predates the Dix-Hill Cartel signed between the two War Departments on 22 JUL 1862, but these men were eventually declared exchanged and returned to duty after several months at home. The 2nd Battalion, North Carolina Infantry was engaged at Gettysburg in July 1863. John W. SHOEMAKER was captured during the retreat at Waterloo, Pennsylvania on 5 JUL 1863. He was sent to Fort McHenry and forwarded to Fort Delaware on 9 JUL 1863 probably arriving the next day. John was transferred from Fort Delaware to Point Lookout on 18 OCT 1863 (his Point Lookout record shows him arriving 15 OCT 63, so one of these records was copied in error). He remained at Point Lookout from October 1863 until 13 FEB 1865 when he was paroled for a 'humanitarian' exchange, and delivered to Confederate authorities at Coxes Landing on the James River near Richmond in the two day period 14/15 FEB 1865. There were 2,051 paroled Confederate POWs delivered from Point Lookout over this two day period. The final record in John's file shows that he was present at Camp Lee (a camp for paroled and exchanged prisoners in Richmond) on 17 FEB 1865. Only 7 officers and 50 men were surrendered in April 1865 and John W. SHOEMAKER was not documented as being one of them. This suggests that he may have been furloughed home or perhaps he just went home on his own initiative. The primary condition for being selected for these 'humanitarian' releases was that a Union army surgeon examine the men and only those deemed 'likely to be unfit for at least 60 days' were selected for delivery. Most of those delivered were examined in the Receiving & Wayside Hospital (G. H. No. 9) at Richmond and distributed to Richmond area hospitals for further treatment as needed. There is no hospital record in John's file, so he may have been deemed fit for duty by Confederate authorities.

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