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19th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John McGeeRank: 2nd Lieutenant Company: B

John McGee Born: 1834 Dundalk, County Louth Ireland Died: March 1884 Atlanta,Georgia Buried: Oakland Cemetery(Atlanta) Enlisted with the 'Jackson Guards' volunteer military company at: Atlanta,Fulton County,Georgia ca. April 1861 2nd Regiment Infantry,4th Brigade of Georgia Volunteers (Georgia State Troops) 'Camp Brown' {Smyrna,Georgia} Apr.24th-May 9th 1861 'Jackson Guards' Company no. 4 Rank:Color-Sergeant Pay Voucher No.44[link to brigade paymaster account] 'Camp McDonald'{Big Shanty,Georgia} June 11th-August 2nd,1861 'Jackson Guards' Company 'B'(Captain James H. Neal) Enrolled:June 11th,1861 Rank:5th Sergeant No.73[link to Muster & Payroll] Color-Bearer for the Jackson Guards company (May 22nd,1861 Atlanta) Flag of the 'Jackson Guards'(Atlanta,Fulton County) The flag is described as being: 'a most beautiful one, tastefully gotten up and made of fine silk. On one side it has the Harp and Shamrock and on the other the inscription 'Our Cause Is Just.' Presented to Sergeant McGee by Captain James H. Neal Description of the original company uniform for the 'Jackson Guards':'beautifully uniformed in dark green with gold trimmings and large dark hats with drooping plumes and were a exceedingly fine-looking body of men'. ---------------------------------------------------------- 19th Georgia Infantry C.S.A. 5th Sergeant August 1861-June 26th,1862 Brevet 2nd Lieutenant June 26th,1862-January 16th,1863 2nd Lieutenant January 16th,1863-October 8th,1863 ----------------------------------------------------------- Wounded: August 29th,1862 Manassas,Va. (slight wound to right leg) December 13th,1863 Fredericksburg,Va. (slight wound to breast) Resigned: October 8th,1863;unfit for the duties of an officer in the field; due to varicose veins of the right leg Returned to Atlanta,Georgia Sherman's artillery fired a shell that entered his home in Atlanta,and exploded in a room near the kitchen; where Mrs. McGee was cutting meat. She was unharmed. Compiled Military Service Record:

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