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35th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John Jefferson MooreRank: Private Company: G

My great grand-father was the company G wagoner. 'I suspect' he being an older soldier [35] and most of the others being around 22- 24, was given the job of driving the company wagon. It carried the common property. Maybe he was unable to keep up. So many didn't come home. This job perhaps enabled him to come home and father my grand-daddy---my dad--&--Me. I'm only speculating. If you know otherwise let me know...He never owned a slave but went to war because his neighbors, friends, and relatives went. The right thing to do!!!! 'This, I'm not speculating'... I'm proud to be called 'Jeff' as he was.

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Contact Name: T. Jeff Moore,
Contact E-Mail: Click for E-mail
Homepage: facebook: Moore T.Jeff
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