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Unit Type

1st Georgia State Line Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John Wesley HaleyRank: Private Company: B

J.W. Haley enlisted with Co.'B', 1st Regiment, GSL, on February 9, 1863 at Carnesville, Ga. He was enrolled by John H. Patrick, who was Captain of Co.'B'. The time period for which he enrolled was 'For the War, unless sooner disbanded'. On the May31, 1863 muster roll he is listed as 'Absent on sick furlough'. He was eligible for two months pay, but I'm not sure if he was actually paid the money in hand since he was on sick furlough. The pay for GSL soldiers was $11/month, so he was supposed to get $22 (from Mar 31 to May 31) [This means he was probably with the regiment in Savannah]. He's listed on the July 31, 1863 muster roll as 'Absent without Leave'. He received no pay from May31-July31. (So, it is my guess that he died within this two-month period, and word hadn't yet been received by his Captain) While on sick furlough, J.W. Haley could have been at home, or he may have been at the GSL hospital in Cartersville, Ga. (Camp Foster).

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