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7th California Infantry (USA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Harvey W LightRank: Private Company: E

Reportedly born in New York state, by 1864 Harvey Light was residing in California where, on 6/15 his first wife (name not available) died. Shortly thereafter Harvey entered the U.S. Army. In 1870 Mr. Light was residing in Salt Pint City, Sonoma Co., Ca. His age was listed as 45 years. By 1877 the former Union private had moved to Washington Territory where, on 3/13 he remarried to Canadian born Theresa Adams who was then residing in Whatcom Co. By 1880 the couple had settled in Snohomish where, the 55 year old’s occupation was listed as “farmer.” On 8/7/90, shortly after implementation of the federal “Invalid Pension” Act 65 year old Light applied for a stipend on the grounds he was unable to earn support by manual labor because of chronic and permanent illness traced to his military service. Listed were rheumatism of fingers and thumb of left had, valvular insufficiency of the heart due to rheumatism and catarrh (inflammation of nasal membranes and air passages) which affected his hearing and caused dizziness. Harvey light died 1/6/91. His wife applied for and received a widow’s allowance of $8 per moth based on her husband’s military service. The payments ceased after 6/4/93 when Mrs. Light remarried. Note: Mr. Light’s remains were moved to their present location sometime after the G.A.R Cemetery was opened in 1898

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