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26th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Mitchell Adams RogersRank: 3rd Sergeant Company: C

Killed at battle of Cedar Creek, Oct 19, 1864. Following war letter was sent by William Severance, a Yankee soldier to father of Mitchell Rogers as follows: Augusta, Maine August 1, 1866 Mr. Wm. H. Rodgers Brooks County Quitman, Georgia My Dear Sir, I will now do a duty which I have been prevented from doing on account of a want of mail facilities. I have been a soldier in the Federal Army; was at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia. On the 19th of October, 1864, just at night of this day as we were advancing over ground lately gained, I came upon a soldier in a gray uniform whose intelligent and expressive countenance so attracted my attention, I could not resist the temptation to stop and learn something of him. He was a Sergeant in Company ''G'' (I think), 26th Georgia Regiment and his name was Rodgers, but the first name I have forgotten. He was wounded in the left breast and seemed conscious that he had but a short time to live. He told me he had a brother (older, I think) lying dead but a few roads away. He was calm, quiet and resigned and said he would feel no anger for those who had caused his wound, as they, like himself felt that they were doing their duty. He seemed as quiet as though sleeping, suffering no pain. I gave him a drink of water, placed his blanket comfortably under his head and pinned his name, regiment and company upon it. In answer to my inquiry whether he wished any word sent any friend or relative if ever the opportunity offered, he said: ''If ever this war is over and you can, write my father who lives in Quitman, Georgia, and tell him where I died.'' He then gave me your address. Reluctantly I left him, feeling as though leaving a friend, so strongly had his quiet demeanor and forgiving spirit impressed me. In those few minutes I had, I did not know whether he had lived or died for I could never find time to return to the spot although wishing to do so. But often has my mind returned to that spot, surrounded by those scenes of beauty which everywhere meet the eye in the Shenandoah Valley, with the autumn sun sinking behind the mountains; and have felt at times, when weary with the perplexities of life, almost envious of the quiet repose of the brave soldier. It would gratify me to know if you receive this. Anything directed to Augusta, Maine, care of ''Maine Farmer'' will reach me. I am, dear sir, with great respect.

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Contact Name: John Davis
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