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2nd Georgia State Line Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Andrew Jackson GlassRank: Private Company: K

My great great grandfather. A.J. Glass was at a militia muster on March 4, 1862 in Morgan County. He was from the district of Fairplay adjacent to the Walton COunty line. He was not inducted, probably because he was just over the age limit. (Another great great grandfather James C. Atkinson was standing next to him and was inducted that day into Company, I, 44th Georgia Infantry.) In 1863 A.J. Glass joined Company k, 2nd Georgia State Line. He served until he was killed in a train wreck in Augusta January 25, 1865 as he was hauling railroad ties to a defensive line position. He and 4-5 other soldiers were riding on top of the stacked ties and during the wreck the ties fell off and crushed them to death. He is buried in the Merritt Malcolm Cemetery in Walton County along with his wife Martha Ann (Studdard) Glass whom he married in January 1855. She was expecting with my great grandfather Andrew Jackson Glass, Jr who was born 6 months after his father''s death. She lived until February 1918 and drew a widow''s pension the last years of her life. The other great great grandfather inducted when A.J. Glass was not did not survive the war either dying of disease two weeks before the war ended. And to cap that, A.J. Glass had three half-brothers (Noah, Eugenius Cicero, and Pleasant J. McMahan who all died in CSA service with the 9th and 11th Georgia infantry regiments.

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