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10th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Thomas David DownsRank: Private Company: B

- b. 1848 in Georgia Served as a Confederate Soldier in Calhoun County, Georgia. Thomas Downs was Honorably Discharged because of a disability inflicted (Injury) in the Confederate Army in 1861. This is found in the Calhoun County, Georgia Confederate War records. Civil War records in history of Worth Co., Ga. read: enlisted March 4, 1862. Wounded at St. Petersburg, Virginia. June 22, 1864. Furloughed home and never returned to service. Thomas David Downs served over two years in the Civil War before being injured. Because Thomas David Downs didn't return to military service he had his voting rights removed from him in Worth Co. Georgia. Thomas, his wife and family members decided to move to Texas. Some children were left behind in Worth Co. Ga. The cemeteries in the area Thomas & Nancy lived are Bogg Cemetery; Lovelady Evergreen Cemetery; Antich Cemetery; Douglas; and possibly Bynum Cemetery. The majority of the DOWNES/DOWNS family in Texas are buried at Creek Cemetery in the Austonio area of Houston Co. Texas. Traveling was by wagons and horses in the past and families tended to bury the loved one in nearby cemeteries where they lived. Thomas David Downs and his wife Nancy were in the Precinct #4 which is the Austonio area in 1900 census and then they are not in the 1910 census in the area. They either died or they lived with one of their children. A search of the 1910 census forward to find them will be done. After searching I could not find them in any home of their children in 1910 census of Houston Texas. Found! a death certificate at Courthouse in Crockett Texas. Nancy died 9/16/1908 and is buried at Creek Cemetery. There was no record for Thomas David Downs but families tended to bury parents together so he is in high probability buried there too. A trip will need to be taken to check to see if there are two adult gravesites beside or near the other Downs family members which only have stones marking them. The graves will probably be Thomas and Nancy's graves.

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