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55th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Dewitt Clinton BusbyRank: Private Company: F

Started with the 42nd TN Volunteers, then was with Company E and F with the 55th Alabama Infantry C.S.A. 'BUSBY, D. C. (enlisted, 31 Oct 61, Camp Cheatham; shown in hospital, Meridian, MS, 25 April 63; died in service, 31 March 64; benefits and belongs came to $24)' Found on munster rolls: Member of the 42nd. Tennessee Volunteers, and the 55th Infantry Regiment Co. F Alabama. Information gathered from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Georgia chapter, and Ancestry Civil War munster rolls. {Note: This is a work in progress on finding D.C. Busby's grave. What information is gathered above is confirmed and can be sourced. Information gathered below was from a conversation with a member of the Sons of confederate vetrans, who had D.C. Busby listed in a book as being shot on March 14th, 1864 during the shirmishes that followed the Battle of Dalton, and died a couple of weeks after. His death date is listed as March 31st, 1864 in offical records. It is believed he is buried somewhere between Dalton and Resaca as the 55th was pulling back for tighter lines. He could be in Resaca, on a battlefield, or in Dalton. Until the grave is found this is the informtion that has been gathered, by myself. If you find a error please feel free to point it out. Do not use information that cannot be sourced.} Opinion on what happened: 'Wounded in the skirmishes after the first battle of Dalton, Georgia fighting against Major General George H. Thomas forces in the Civil War. Died weeks later after being wounded, which puts his burial somewhere on the battlefield between Dalton and Resaca.'

Contact Info
Contact Name: Marty J. Busby
Contact E-Mail: Click for E-mail
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