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32nd Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Robert Leroy BowlingRank: Captain Company: A

Capt. Bowling was the son of Major Robert Bowling & Barbara Bassett. His father was from Burke County Georgia & was a Major of Bowling’s Detachment in the Georgia Militia during the War of 1812. His mother was the daughter of Thomas Bassett V, a descendant of British Loyalists & one of the earliest settlers of Washington County, Alabama. Capt. R. L. Bowling of Company A, 32nd Alabama Infantry Regiment (aka Wilson’s Guards) was elected 1st Lt. when the company was formed in St. Stephens, AL but eventually achieved the rank of Captain when the Regiment was mustered in Mobile, AL in 1862 & the officers above him were promoted. He was listed as severely wounded on the list of casualties from the Battle of Murfreesboro (a.k.a. The Battle of Stones River), TN on December 31, 1862. He was relieved from service after his wounding & returned home to Washington County, where he was appointed Sheriff in 1873. During his career as sheriff in the Reconstruction era, the government sent an official to hold elections to move the county seat from St. Stephens to Chatom, AL. Capt. Bowling, with threatening words & the use of his pistol, kept the official from holding the election. The county seat remained in St. Stephens for the next three decades until it was eventually moved to Chatom in 1907. Capt. Bowling's eldest son, T. C. Bowling, built a Post Office & General Store near Capt. Bowling's old home in 1896 & called it 'Leroy', in honor of his father. The town the Post Office is located in is now known as 'Leroy' for that reason.

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