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9th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
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Name: Washington Van Buren HowieRank: Private Company: I

Washington VanBuren Howie: Born in Center Star, Lauderdale, Alabama, USA on 11 Feb 1840. Washington Van Buren married Mary Elizabeth Joiner and had 10 children. He passed away on 17 Oct 1928 in College Mound, Kaufman, Texas, USA. Buried in College Mound Cemetery , Terrell, Texas, USA. Grave marked with a Confederate headstone. The Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment The Ninth Alabama infantry, organized at Richmond in May, 1861, enjoyed the distinction of having a joint resolution of thanks given it by the Confederate Congress in February, 1864. It was engaged in the siege of Yorktown, April 5 and May 2, 1862; at Williamsburg, May 5th, and at Seven Pines, May 31st and June 1st. This regiment won imperishable renown at Gaines' Mill and Frayser's Farm, was under fire at Second Manassas, and assisted at the capture of Harper's Ferry, September 12 to 15, 1862. It was also engaged at Chancellorsville and Salem, May 1-3, 1863, and suffered very heavy loss at Gettysburg. It was in the battle of the Wilderness, May 5-7, 1864, Cold Harbor, June 1st to 12th, and fought in the trenches at Petersburg for nearly 9 months. Among its field officers were Cadmus M. Wilcox, afterward a very distinguished major-general; E. A. O'Neal, afterward brigadier-general, and since that time governor of Alabama; Col. Samuel Henry, Col. J. Horace King, Lieut.-Col. Gaines C. Smith, Majs. H. J. Williams and J. M. Crowe. Among the officers killed were Capts. Thomas H. Hobbs and E. Y. Hill, at Gaines' Mill; Captain Gillis, at Williamsburg; W. C. Murphy at Salem; J. W. Wilson and John Y. Rayburn, at Sharpsburg. Extracts From Official War Records Vol. II--(480) Wilcox's brigade, army of the Potomac (Special orders, July 20, 1861). Vol V--(1029) Same assignment, Potomac district, General Beauregard commanding, January 14, 1862, at this time at Centreville, Va. Vol. XI, Part 1--(569) Casualties, 10 killed, 45 wounded, near Williamsburg, May 5, 1862. (570, 571) Gen. J. E. B. Stuart reports: 'Captain Farley, who was in the entire fight, speaks in the highest terms of the heroic courage and fighting tact of the Ninth Alabama.' (577, 578) Mentioned in report of Gen. A. P. Hill: Colonel Williams, with one or two companies of the Ninth Alabama, captured a battery of 8 guns. (590-593) General Wilcox's report says: 'Among those that call for special notice are Capts. Warren Smith, Gillis and King. The companies of the first two were the first to enter the captured battery. Captain Gillis, greatly distinguished for courage, displayed an example of coolness set to his men. He was mortally wounded. Captain Murphy of the Ninth, conspicuous for pertinacity and courage, was painfully wounded in the arm. He remained on the field and commanded his company until shot through the body and borne from the field.' (594, 595) Col. Sam. Henry's report: 'The charge was made with a zeal and determination that would have done honor to tried veterans--not a man faltering .... In conclusion, you will permit me to assure you of the coolness and gallantry of both officers and men during the entire day.' The regiment took during the day 70 prisoners. (596, 599, 822) Mentioned in reports of Col. J. J. Woodward, Col. L. Q. C. Lamar, Gen. D. E. Sickles, U.S.A. (986-988) Mentioned in report of General Wilcox, Seven Pines, May 31, 1862. Vol. XI, Part 2--(486, 503) Wilcox's brigade, Longstreet's division, Magruder's corps. Medical director reports 66 killed, 109 wounded, June 26th to July 1, 1862. (770-775) Report of General Wilcox, Gaines' Mill, June 27th: 'Capt. E. Y. Hill killed, far in advance, in field. Capt. T. H. Hobbs dangerously wounded. . . . Lieutenant Wayland, quartermaster, severely wounded. The latter officer's duties did not require his presence in battle, but he served with his company with great coolness and courage. He served in like manner at Seven Pines.' (777-779) General Wilcox's report of battle of Frayser's Farm, June 30th: 'Captain King, commanding the Ninth Alabama, is deserving of especial praise for his coolness and bravery; he also received a severe wound in the leg. . . . Of the medical corps, Surgeon H. A. Minor of the Ninth Alabama (and others), have given abundant evidence of their skill and untiring industry and zeal.' (980) Casualties, 34 killed and 96 wounded, Gaines' Mill; 31 killed and 95 wounded at Glendale. (985) Capts. E. Y. Hill killed, and Thomas H. Hobbs died of wounds received, June 27th. Vol. XI, Part 3--(481) In General Wilcox's brigade, Johnston's army, about April 30, 1862, 550 strong. (649) General Wilcox's brigade with Stonewall Jackson, July 23, 1862. Col. Samuel Henry commanding regiment. Vol. XII, Part 2--(547) Assignment as above during battles of campaign in Northern Virginia, August 28th to September 1st. Vol. XIX, Part I--(804) Wilcox's brigade, Longstreet's corps, Maryland campaign. (812) Medical director reports 12 killed and 42 wounded, Maryland campaign. Vol. XXI--(539, 1070) Same assignment, Col. Samuel Henry in command, December 20, 1862. No. 39--(790) Same assignment, Chancellorsville campaign. Maj. J. H. J. Williams commanding regiment. (806, 854) Casualties at battle of Chancellorsville, 23 killed and 89 wounded. (858-861) Report of General Wilcox: 'The Ninth Alabama in rear of this regiment sprang forward as one man, and with the rapidity of lightning restored the continuity of our line, breaking the lines of the enemy with its deadly fire and forcing him to give way, and following him so that he could not rally .... Capt. W. C. Murphy, Ninth Alabama, highly distinguished at the battle of Williamsburg, where he received two severe wounds. He fell at Salem Church in the thickest of the fight and in advance of his men.' He speaks highly of Maj. J. H. J. Williams, Capts. J. H. King and M. G. May, who were distinguished, having with their companies captured 13 officers and 236 men. He continues: 'I cannot close this report without calling to your especial notice the conduct of one entire regiment of this brigade, the Ninth Alabama .... I also beg leave to commend to your favorable notice Private J. W. Brundridge of the Ninth Alabama.' No. 44--(30) Mentioned by Gen. Dan Tyler, U.S. A., Maryland Heights, June 25, 1863. (288) Wilcox's brigade, Anderson's division, Third corps, Gen. A. P. Hill, army of Northern Virginia, Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. (332, 343) Casualties at battle of Gettysburg, 3 killed, 55 wounded. (619-621) Report of General Wilcox: 'Capt. G. C. Smith, severe wound through the body (entitled to promotion to lieutenant-colonel). Capt. J. H. King (entitled to promotion to colonel) had a finger shot off. Private Brundridge severely wounded.' He gives special praise to Captain King and Captain May on second day. No. 45--(1061) Assignment as above, July 31, 1863, Maj. J. H. J. Williams in command of regiment. No. 48--(400, 819) Assignment as above, Col. J. H. King in command of regiment, October 31, 1863. No. 49--(685, 900) Assignment as above, December, 1863. No. 60--(1152) Mentioned by General Lee as having re-enlisted, February 10, 1864, Orange Court House. (1182) Joint resolution of thanks to the Ninth Alabama regiment: 'Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That Congress hails with delight the manifestations evinced by the brave and gallant officers and privates of the Ninth regiment, Alabama volunteers, who have stood under the fire of the enemy for nearly 3 years, never to yield to Northern oppression, and for this act of partiotism and exalted self-sacrifice, in re-enlisting for the war, the thanks of Congress and the country are eminently due them. That the example of those brave men who have endured the dangers and perils of the war since its commencement is a happy omen for the future, and should encourage Congress and the country to rest with an abiding hope and confidence in the success of our arms and the final triumph of liberty, under the lead of those brave and unconquerable spirits. Approved February 16, 1864.' No. 67--(966, 976, 1025) Perrin's brigade, Lee's army. May, 1864. Mentioned in reports of battles of the Wilderness. No. 80---(754) General Mahone, July 30, 1864, reports battleflag captured. (810) Roll of honor, battles near Petersburg, Va., July 30th: Private John M. Critcher, Company K. No. 88--(684) Mentioned by Capt. J. McEntee, U.S. A. (1175, 1183) Mentioned in correspondence of General Lee and secretary of war, August, 1864. (1217) Sanders' brigade, Third corps, army of Northern Virginia, August 31, 1864; Col. J. Horace King commanding regiment. No. 89--(1190) Same assignment, October 31, 1864, Capt. Archer Hayes commanding regiment. (1239) Colonel King commanding regiment. (1367) Assignment as above, December 31st. No. 95--(1273) Forney's brigade, Lee's army, February 28, 1865. Maj. James M. Crowe commanding regiment. No. 96--(1174, 1272) Assignment as above, January 31, 1865, Col. Horace King commanding regiment.

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