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Russo-Japanese War
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Russo-Japanese War Articles
Battle of Tsushima
Russo-Japanese War Articles
The Russo-Japanese War

Turning Point: The Battle of Tsushima
by Chris Alper

The Battle of Tsushima marked the change of the balance of power in the Pacific in the early 20th century Kokoku no kohai kono issen ni ari; kakuin isso funrei doryoku seyo "The fate of the Empire rests upon this one battle; let every man do his utmost." Admiral Togo to the Japanese Fleet, 27 May 1905 As dawn broke on 27 May 1905, few outside the inner circle of the Japanese Naval high command had any inkling as to the magnitude of naval and strategic victory the Imperial Japanese Navy were about to win. The Russo-Japanese War had broken out as a result of old Russian and new Japanese efforts to wrest a "sphere of influence" out of the crumbling remains of the Chinese Empire. The Sino-Japanese War of 1895-96, won in ruthless fashion by a swiftly created and modernized Japanese Army, left the Japanese with a foothold on the Asian Mainland, with the strategic Port Arthur in Manchuria, along with Formosa (Taiwan) and a hefty indemnity.
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The Tsar's Last Armada
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