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Bomber Command

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Bomber Command
A Select Bibliography
by Brian Grafton

This bibliography is select in every sense of the word, and will grow as the Bomber Command topics are completed. All are either in my own collection or have been used to refresh my mind as I write: hence the preponderant focus on the British war. As the USAAF becomes involved (really, not until 1943), volumes relating to their efforts will be added to the bibliography as applicable. In no case should this be considered a complete list of volumes on the war in the air.

Bendiner, Elmer, The Fall of Fortresses , Putnam's (New York, 1980)
Deighton, Len, Fighter , Jonathan Cape (London, 1977)
Hastings, Max, Bomber Command , Dial Press (New York, 1979)
Lewis, Bruce, Aircrew , Cooper (London, 1990)
McCaffery, Dan, Battlefields in the Air , Lorimer (Toronto, 1992)
Middlebrook, Martin, The Nuremberg Raid , Allen Lane (London, 1973)
Middlebrook, Martin and Chris Everitt, Bomber Command War Diaries , Viking (New York, 1985)
Richards, Denis, The Hardest Victory , Hodder and Stoughton (London, 1992)
Stofer, Eric, Unsafe for Aircrew , HERSS (Victoria, 1989)
Taylor, Eric, Operation Mellenium: ‘Bomber' Harris's Raid on Cologne, May 1942, Robert Hale (London, 1987)

Related or of Interest
Calder, Nigel, The People's War: Britain 1939-45 , Jonathan Cape (London, 1969)
Deighton, Len, Blitzkrieg: From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk , Jonathan Cape (London, 1979)
Fisher, David, A Race on the Edge of Time , McGraw-Hill (New York, 1988)
Goralski, Robert, World War II Almanac: 1931-1945 , Perigree (New York, 1981)
Grafton, Pete, You, You and You: The People Out of Step with World War II , Pluto Press (London, 1981)
Gunston, Bill, Aircraft of World War 2 , Octopus (London, 1980)
Harrisson, Tom, Living Through the Blitz , Penguin (Harmondsworth, 1978)
Keegan, John, The Second World War , Viking (New York, 1989)
Reynolds, David, Rich Relations , Random House (New York, 1995)
Small, Ken, The Forgotten Dead, Bloomsbury (London, 1988)

Contemporary Writings and Other Matters
Saville-Sneath, R.A., Aircraft Recognition , Penguin (Harmondsworth, 1941)
Pitkin, Walter, Jr., What's That Plane: How to Identify American and Jap Airplanes , Penguin/Infantry Journal (New York, 1942)
Strange, William, Into the Blitz: a British Journey, MacMillan of Canada (Toronto, 1941)

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Copyright © 2001 Brian Grafton.

Written by Brian Grafton. If you have questions or comments on this article, please contact Brian Grafton at:

Published online: 09/20/2001.

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