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17th Century Articles
Adolphus, Genius of Sweden
Bacon's Rebellion
The Siege of Osaka Castle
The Raid on Thurso, 1649

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17th Century Articles

Member Article: The genius of Sweden’s ‘Lion of the North?/span>
by Steve Wilson

In the skies over a modern battlefield a joint tactical air control team is often credited for carrying their platoon’s “big gun,?or radio, as devastating airstrikes are vectored in from aircraft loitering in the battle space where friendly forces are taking fire. Laser guided munitions, global positioning systems, joint direct attack munition technology and real-time communications make it possible for military units to shape the battlefield to their advantage.
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Member Article: Bacon's Rebellion: America's First Revolutionary?
by Walt Giersbach

Nathaniel Bacon was caught in a dilemma on a hot July day in 1676. The settlers?avowed enemy, the Susquehannocks and their allies, were in front of him in the upper counties of Virginia while Governor William Berkeley’s English army and militia were getting ready to attack Bacon from the rear. Hundreds of landowners, indentured servants, slaves and other volunteers making up Bacon’s army waited for orders.
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Member Article: Winter of Discontent: The Siege of Osaka Castle
by Eric Niderost

In 1611 Tokugawa Ieyasu had every reason to be pleased with himself. His son Hidetada was Shogun, supreme warlord of Japan, but in truth it was Ieyasu who ruled the country behind the scenes. Tokugawa Ieyasu was the last in a series of powerful figures who had finally ended decades of internecine strife still know as the Sengoku Jidai, or "Age of the Country at War." [1]
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Member Article: Last of the Redshanks: The Raid on Thurso, 1649
by Dr. Andrew McGregor

In the far north of Scotland the Highland mountains grow smaller, eventually leveling out into vast stretches of rolling countryside that end abruptly with rocky cliffs lurching out over the cold northern seas. Before the Celts arrived these lands were ruled by Norsemen, the powerful ‘Sea-Kings of Orkney'. The names of their settlements in Scotland's northeast county of Caithness reflected their beliefs, like the town of Thurso, named for the Norse god Thor.
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Member Article: The Battle of Dunbar
by Steve Beck

The nine tumultuous years of the English Civil War, actually three separate wars, resulted from a range of factors, economic, constitutional and religious, all inextricably interwoven. At a time when religious differences were more often debated with cannon balls than words, radical leaders with strong held beliefs thought nothing of deciding the issues in battle. Charles I, attempting to rule as an absolute monarch, quickly came into conflict with the English Parliament, suspicious of his "Popery" and desire for absolute rule. Likewise, the Scots resented his attempts at reforming their Presbyterian system of religion, formulating the "National Covenant" in 1638 to resist his efforts. The English Parliament and the Scots, therefore, combined to defeat Charles in the first of the English Civil Wars. An attempt by Charles to regain power was crushed by Parliamentarian forces at Preston in August 1648 and he was put on trial for treason.
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