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(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows
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July 22, 1863
Posted on: 7/22/2019 7:54:24 AM

I suspect N.L.B. to be Nathan Lane Brown of company-C.

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Phil Andrade
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July 22, 1863
Posted on: 7/22/2019 11:39:56 AM

The poor old 47th North Carolina !

The fate of that regiment stands as an exemplar of what subsequent research by scholars like John Busey and his son , Travis, can do to reveal the true extent of the carnage that was wreaked.

The very incomplete return of casualties submitted by Lafayette Guild, Lee’s Medical Director, ascribed a loss of 21 killed in action and 140 wounded to that regiment. There was no figure provided for missing in action.
Those 161 acknowledged casualties were , in themselves, tantamount to nearly thirty per cent of the regimental strength.

Now behold the reality, as revealed by Busey and Son :

Killed on the field : 54 ; died of wounds in confederate care : 4 ; died of wounds in enemy hands : 27. Total combat fatalites : 85....a fourfold increase on the initially returned 21 killed in action. This was to be supplemented by 121 wounded in friendly care, and another 87 wounded who were prisoners of war. Total killed and wounded now amount to 293, or more than half the regiment. To make the cup run over, another 59 were captured unwounded, and such was the hardship of their fate that 28 of them - nearly half - perished in yankee captivity. Nearly one fifth of all the officers and men who went into battle with the 47th North Carolina were either killed outright or died as a result of the battle. The losses suffered by the 11th, and of course, the 26th NC regiments were even worse.

With the help of Buseys’ research , I could investigate the fate of every single man that Nathan mentions in his letter.

Regards, Phil
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