(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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Colonel Collett Leventhorpe
9/3/2020 10:12:11 AM
From the Fayetteville Semi Weekly observer. Fayetteville N.C. September 3, 1863

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Phil Andrade
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Colonel Collett Leventhorpe
9/5/2020 5:48:37 AM

This is so fascinating !

How frequently do we see the word " servant" used, rather than " slave" ?

This appealed to the sensibilities of some southerners, who liked to endow their lives with attributes of elegance and gentility.

Leventhorpe was born an Englishman, in the county of Devon. He served in the British Army, in Ireland, joining the 14th Regiment of Foot in 1832, before purchasing the rank of Lieutenant and transferring to the 18th Regiment : he then served in the British West Indies and subsequently in Canada, where he was elevated to the Captain of Grenadiers in 1842. He then sold his rank and was sent to South Carolina on business. He then entered the Medical College of Charleston, SC, and graduated top of his class. He married and took up residence in Rutherfordton, NC.

Cleary a man of ambition and ability, his story has echoes of Pat Cleburne.

He was wounded badly on the First Day at Gettysburg, with a shattered left arm and a wound to the hip. When he was captured, a Federal surgeon recommended amputation of his left arm. Colonel Leventhorpe refused and requested that the wound be cauterised with acid : this was done without anaesthetic. He said later I would have died, rather than let an enemy see that a Confederate Officer could not endure anything without a complaint.

With officers of such fortitude and ability, it's small wonder that the South fought so well for so this case, even the slave was inspired !

Details gleaned from John Busey's Confederate Casualties at Gettysburg .

Regards, Phil
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