(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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The numbers just don't add up
10/22/2020 8:13:29 PM
Most likely Allen Pinkerton wrote this article. From the Indiana State Sentinel. Indianapolis Indiana. October 19, 1863.

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Gregory C. White
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The numbers just don't add up
10/22/2020 8:35:13 PM

I believe Pinkerton used the same math formulas that modern politicians utilize
at election time when promising goodies from the government.

The final quote:

"No peace proposals have come from the South, and none will come as long as a Republican Administration remains in power. The Southern people have no desire for reunion with a country ruled by men who hate them, and who have trampled laws, constitutions and States rights alike under their feet."

Other than some rumblings coming out of North Carolina at this time, I'd have to say this quote is spot on.

After the collapse @ Missionary Ridge the following month, and the subsequent entry into Georgia by Sherman, the sentiment will gradually change.

Good stuff !

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