(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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The fight at Carlisle.
2/18/2021 12:38:44 PM
More casualties than I thought occurred at Carlisle. From the Press, Philadelphia PA. July 3, 1863

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Michigan Dave
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The fight at Carlisle.
2/22/2021 2:26:34 PM
Hi Larry,

The article mentions General John Reynolds, does anyone know in relations to the front lines of the fighting Reynolds was when he was shot?? Shouldn't he have been further back out of a risky harms way?? Comments anyone??

Go Gettysburg!
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Phil Andrade
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The fight at Carlisle.
2/23/2021 3:25:27 AM

Some of the casualties are duplicated, mentioned in both lists of the wounded.

Interesting to see, though, that they are are all - or nearly all - victims of artillery fire.

Regards, Phil
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